Big Rocks: Prioritize your Plan

View of a young woman having a hot rock back massage
My January focus for the 52 to Fabulous challenge was learning to prioritize.  In her blog entry, Linney used the letters MSN for priority organization.  This is a struggle for a people pleasing mom who likes to get it all done.  Sure, Flylady helps me with my routines, but prioritizing is something that is crucial.  Without priorities it is so easy to chase rabbit trails and before you know it you are off course.

Along with linney’s MSN principle, I am going to add one more element  to help keep priorities straight.

I’m sure you;ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating… the rock, sand, pebbles and water illustration for keeping priorities straight.

    Pardon me, because I really don’t know it’s origin, if you do let me know and I’ll give credit. 

Here’s the illustration.

 If you give a kid a bucket, a pile of sand, a bunch of pebbles, a few big rocks and some water, and you tell them to put it all in the bucket, priorities definitely matter!  If you start by putting the water in, and then add the sand and pebbles, and then try to put in the big rocks, it aint gonna work.  You have to start with the big rocks, the big priorities if you will.  Then put in the pebbles to fill the space around the rocks.  The sand, being even smaller will fill in around the smaller cracks and crevices.  FInally, add the water.  Some will soak into the sand, and the rest will just find the path of least resistance and find it’s way in there somewhere….if necessary.  But you are definitely able to fit in more stuff if you tend to the biggies first.

This principle definitely applies to party planning.  Hit the biggies first. 

What is your overall goal?

What kind of party are you hosting? theme? special event? charity? in honor of?

What is your timeline?

What is your budget?

When will it be held?

Where will it be held?

Who will attend?

These are your big rocks.  Put these in first and you’re off to a fabulous beginning.

photo from picapp