52 to Fabulous Challenge

One of my Facebook buds, Colleen shared this challenge for 2010.  It’s called 52 to Fabulous.(Pursuit of a Better Me)  Of course the number refers to 52 weeks in a year.   Since I was just wandering through my priority list, this blog was jsut what the Dr. ordered.  Be sure to check out the 52 to Fabulous blog and try it yourself.  What can it hurt?  Give yourself a little focus and stop being so frantic.

52 to Fabulous

Here’s my list.

January – Fabulous Beginnings Participating in the challenge.  Take 5 minutes a week learning to prioritize.

February – Fabulous Organization Paperwork.  Get a great flow for bills, school and just general record keeping.  I have it going, but it can always be tweaked for smoother operation.
March – Fabulous Fitness Sign up for a race and begin training to run it in May.

April – Fabulous Food Plan and prepare my Vegie Garden


May – Fabulous Style Just make sure I am staying true to me in the wardrobe/style department.  Don’t fall for the mavens tricks, just celebrate the me that God created in the first place.  He’s pretty good at making stuff right.
June – Fabulous Fun Go to the beach at least once a month!  And go on a date with hubby at least once every week.

July – Fabulous Hobbies Take time to tweak my craft.  Take one of my projects and research and become better at it.

August – Fabulous Finances Make sure my savings goals are still on track.  Review and plan  for any adjustments

September – Fabulous Family School is starting and things can get hectic, make sure routines are in place for the boys, and become the best listener.


October – Fabulous Health By now I should be at a great weight, and have developed awesome habits.  If not, what adjustments need to be made?  review.
November – Fabulous Home How am I doing on my Fly routines?  If good, things should be running smooth. 

December – Fabulous Blogging Be me.  Don’t try to be like someone else.  Just make sure all of my blog entries are genuine and learn about all things techie.  Ohh, and improve photog skills.