Cute Bridal Party Idea or a Great Girl’s Night

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Here is a suprising celebration that could be a wonderful idea to get your bridal party on the same page, and have a blast doing it. As I was reading my Flylady daily digest this morning, I was thrilled to read a “flybaby” testimonial. One of the ladies had purchased some calendars and pens and clingies from the flyshop. The suprising and delightful part is what she did with them.

As her family and friends (I would assume this is a rather intimate gathering) got together for a casual meet and greet, she passed out numbered index cards to each guest. On the index card, next to each number each woman wrote her favorite color, favorite birthday she ever had, favorite past time, favorite collectible, favorite animal, favorite season. Then each person signed the card. If you have five guests, each guest should receive 5 cards. Fill out each one and then hand a card to each person at the table. Then, explain to the guests that you plan to use these as jumping off points for celebrations, craft and gifts ideas.

This woman then went on to present her friends with calendars and pens and stickers. They all got a big kick out of learning about each other and chatted their time away with each other in grand fashion while sipping sodas and nibbling on chips and salsa.

One thing I have done in the past with my calendars is I’ve been very deliberate about the one I use most often. My central calendar, so to speak, (yes the old-fashioned kind you write on) hangs in my kitchen. The one I picked out this year looks like this.  It can be purchased at  Click on the pic.

Pretending to be Normal Central Calendar.

I write my bills on it as they come in the mail along with balances. I also put stickers (shiny ones always) everyday that I workout. This gives me a quick visual as to whether I am on track with my fitness plan.

What a great gift to give each other, and yet another cheap party idea! Love it.