52 to Fabulous Challenge

One of my Facebook buds, Colleen shared this challenge for 2010.  It’s called 52 to Fabulous.(Pursuit of a Better Me)  Of course the number refers to 52 weeks in a year.   Since I was just wandering through my priority list, this blog was jsut what the Dr. ordered.  Be sure to check out the 52 to Fabulous blog and try it yourself.  What can it hurt?  Give yourself a little focus and stop being so frantic.

52 to Fabulous

Here’s my list.

January – Fabulous Beginnings Participating in the challenge.  Take 5 minutes a week learning to prioritize.

February – Fabulous Organization Paperwork.  Get a great flow for bills, school and just general record keeping.  I have it going, but it can always be tweaked for smoother operation.
March – Fabulous Fitness Sign up for a race and begin training to run it in May.

April – Fabulous Food Plan and prepare my Vegie Garden


May – Fabulous Style Just make sure I am staying true to me in the wardrobe/style department.  Don’t fall for the mavens tricks, just celebrate the me that God created in the first place.  He’s pretty good at making stuff right.
June – Fabulous Fun Go to the beach at least once a month!  And go on a date with hubby at least once every week.

July – Fabulous Hobbies Take time to tweak my craft.  Take one of my projects and research and become better at it.

August – Fabulous Finances Make sure my savings goals are still on track.  Review and plan  for any adjustments

September – Fabulous Family School is starting and things can get hectic, make sure routines are in place for the boys, and become the best listener.


October – Fabulous Health By now I should be at a great weight, and have developed awesome habits.  If not, what adjustments need to be made?  review.
November – Fabulous Home How am I doing on my Fly routines?  If good, things should be running smooth. 

December – Fabulous Blogging Be me.  Don’t try to be like someone else.  Just make sure all of my blog entries are genuine and learn about all things techie.  Ohh, and improve photog skills.


Celebrate the Hidden Treasures Within

This post is actually inspired by an article I read in one of my favorite magazines. 

Learn More about Living on Less with Mother Earth News.

Learn More about Living on Less with Mother Earth News.

The article’s title is Reclaiming the Kitchen and can be read in the June/July 2008 Issue of Mother Earth News.  Cooking real meals is the predominant subject of the article.  However, one person, Ricki Carroll, is featured as having taught thousands of people to make their very own cheese.  Yes, you can MAKE cheese!  While I am interested in the subject of making cheese, and most definitely in Reclaiming the Kitchen by feeding our families the very best foods (instead of whatever cardboard container is in the sale bin)  I am also interested in how a hobby can convert to a party, and if you’re savvy, a little marketing adventure.

What is your hobby?  What is that thing you love to do.  Or that skill that you possess that could prove quite beneficial to others?  Dig deep, you have one.  Maybe it’s your ability to put together graphics and make the cutest CSS anyone has ever seen.  Or maybe, the way you always have the best hair and makeup.  I know, you have a knack for trends and people always fall over at how you style yourself.  Whatever that quiet little skill you’ve been hiding or thinking isn’t of value, I’m here to tell you it is.  Need a little more inspiration?  Check out 48days.net.  You’ll be glad you did.

So back to the Mother Earth News article and how this fleshed out for Ricki Carrol.  Her hobby was making cheese.  She is good at it, has a passion for it and began teaching others how to do it.  That blossomed into a full time cheese making teach o rama for her.  Now take that thing you do so well, and do the same.  Yes you are good enough, so don’t start fighting with me already.  Start by having some friends over.  Do you make an awesome pizza?  Show them how and share the fruit of your labor.  Do you grow the best dang tomatoes?  Have you friends over for BLT’s and share that you grew your own and show them how. 

 Don’t miss this point.  Everyone likes to showcase their talent.  So take the time to know your guests and ask THEM about their hobbies.  Ask them how they got started, let them do a bit of soul searching.  While the whole event can be totally casual, you never know what hidden treasures you’ll find in your friends.  And they will leave feeling encouraged and invigorated.  BLT’s?  C’mon.  That’s easy and cheap.  A lifetime of friendship…well you know the rest.

Don’t Freak Out. Steps to overcome Party Freak Out Mode.

Several things can cause party freak out mode.  You know what I mean by party freak out mode don’t you?  All of a sudden you begin feeling anxious, questioning all your decisions, feeling fat, running out of cash flow, and well… freaking out.

Avoid Party Freak Out.  It'll be OK.

Avoid Party Freak Out. It'll be OK.


1.  Take a deep breath.

2.  Repeat: I’ll be ok. 

3. Go to my websiteand download my party planning ebook.  It’ll keep you on track and on budget. 

 But if you haven’t had a chance to do that, don’t despair.  I love ya anyway.  All you need to do is remind yourself why you’re having the party, and what the main goal is.  I am hoping this is to celebrate something special and have a good time.

RE-ASSES.  What is the right now (try to pinpoint, one at a time) dilemma that I am having? 

  • Is there an alternative?

Remember we are focusing on one dilemma at a time here.  Do not give a run down of everything bad that’s happening and who’s to blame.  If one issue is focused on you can find a way to fix it.  Write the issue down to help you focus.  Take a five minute break to regroup and look at what you wrote down.  What can be done?  Maybe this element can be left out or altered in someway to fit your restraints.  If you’re still freaking out enlist help of a good friend.


  • Is there someone I can call for help?

Seriously, swallow your pride and have someone help.  You don’t need to go it alone.  It’ll do you good to get a fresh perspective, but give yourself a 5 minute cool down time.  We don’t want to sound like a blubbering fool while asking for help.  But if you must, you must.  It’s ok.
  • Do you need a nap?  Have you eaten today?  Is TOM in town? 

It may be that your body is causing momentary freak out responses.  Make sure you answer the above questions, and you may find the cause and a quick fix.


  • If I were to rate it on a scale of 1-10, 1 being fairly annoying, 10 being tsunami has hit, where does it fall?

My mom always used this on me when I was a kid.  Anytime I displayed freak out like behaviour, she quickly told me to rate it.  This helped me regain perspective.  Another way to do this is by using the “then what?” question.  Warning, it can get annoying, but it IS effective.  Ask yourself, “what if _____happens, then what?”  And keep going until you realize, you’re probably gonna be OK.

I hope this helped.  Stop freaking out, it’ll be OK.


 I hope this gives your perspective, and a minute to laugh.  Parties are fun and celebrations are important, but sometimes we get caught up in the emotion of it all and give little items way too much credit.  Chances are you’re party will still happen, it will still be fun, and you will have hopefully lived through it.  So when it rains on your parade, just smile and turn it into a wet tshirt contest.  When the cake slides of the stand, just offer pile o cake.  It tastes the same.  Sure it’s disappointing, but don’t let circumstances dictate your level of joy.  “This too shall pass.”

Rock Star Party

Rock Band Party

Rock Band Party

What better way for you to become a Rock Star for a day than to host a party themed around that game we all know and love?

I’ve seen a few videos of people making their best attempts at doing this, but to pull it off it’s gonna take more than 3 dudes standing in front of the TV,  belting out their tribute to AC/DC.    In fact, I just watched a video of such an event.  I was totally surprised that someone posted it, but hey, it was a good attempt.  We all have to start somewhere.

This should be a party dedicated to rocking out.  So do that.  Rock out your party!  To get people stoked about it, you have to be stoked about it.  Are you ready to rock?

Invites: Create a Ticket!

1234 Main Street Welcomes Rock Star World Tour

A List Guests Only (That’s U). 

If you aren’t dressed to rock, don’t even knock.

Time: 7:00 PM – ’til the last one is standing.




Let’s talk menu: 

  •  Smokin’ Drumsticks, 
  •  Rockin’ Rolls
  •  Bleuz Burgers
  •  Nirvanna Nibbles.

You get the picture.  Fun descriptive name cards can be scribbled on old Cd’s with a sharpie and placed in front of each dish.  Instant decoration, instant mood enhancement, and FREE.  Well the food isn’t free, but doesn’t it all sound better with a great name.?  And I addressed that whole matter in another blog entry, but it really is easy to fool people into thinking they’re dining on something special simply by the description you give it.  Yeah, a study has been done on this, and it works.  Go figure.  Hey, I remember trying this on my kids when they were little.  I just called everything steak, so they ate it.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about.


  • Make a CD garland by stringing Cd’s together with fishing wire.
  • Hang some album covers.
  • Buy a roll of red fabric for a red carpet effect at the front door.
  • I’ve heard if you place a fogger in a cooler the fog will stay lower.  Sweet bonus if you have one of those.
  • Dig out your lava lamp, disco ball, strobe light.  Any kind of cool lighting.  Heck hang some icicle lights. 
  • Make your own concert poster using your favorite desktop publishing software.
  • Super impose the faces of your guest on your favorite rock stars and hang around the room.


Of course the obvious…hit the old PS 3. 

For the other people who can’t be playing the PS 3 at the time…this is a game adapted from a Halloween Party game called “Killer.”  We’ll call this rocked out. 

  • Buy yourself enough bead necklaces (can purchase form Dollar Tree) to equal one per guest. 
  • One person is designated as the “Rock Star”
  • The way the “Rock Star” is chosen is by taking a deck of cards and passing out a card to each person as they come in.  They are not allowed to tell anyone what card they have chosen.  Let them all know before hand that the person who chooses the Ace of Spades is the “Rock Star”
  • The “Rock Star’s” job is to go around the party and quietly wink at people without anyone other than the person he/she is winking at that they are being rocked.
  • Once you have been rocked, you must either scream out I’ve been rocked, and fall to the ground like you’re dying.  Then grab a bead necklace to signify your new fate.
  • Eventually, all people will have been rocked and the last remaining person wins the game.
  • People should “rock out” 30 seconds or so after they have been winked at so they don’t give away the identity of the rock star.  be sure to explain this from the beginning.

Give an award like a wild tshirt/baseball cap that has some sort of rock saying on it, or a rock CD.  Whatever is befitting a rock star.  Maybe some fake tattoos. 

Hint: You might want to stack the deck so that the right person gets the Ace of Spades,  you don’t want someone who would be uncomfortable doing this be the rock star.

So that about sums it up.  Let your imagination run wild, and don’t be scared.  This party will Rock!

Fearless Party Ideas

This isn’t one of that posts that spells out how to make a cutsie little centerpiece.  This one’s gonna go a little deeper. 

Parties are meant to be fun.  Duh.  And far too often we make them into a bigger deal than they need to be.  We get scared thinking we’re not going to have anyone show up, or the people who do come will sit around staring at each other wondering when they can go home without looking rude.

What’s the problem?  Fear.  When you host a party, don’t be afraid to be yourself.  That’s probably why anyone would consider coming to one of your parties anyway, because they like you.

I’m just as bad, well, I used to be.  Recently I have decided to adopt the fearless lifestyle.  I am me, just as the good Lord created me.  So, if I want to have a crazy rock band party and have everybody dress like rock stars, then I will.  I’m not going to worry that they think that’s weird.  Truth be told, who doesn’t want to dress like a rock star at least once?

So when you’re planning your event or party, don’t forget about that one element that is a must for your event, YOU!

Do it, I dare you.