Cute Bridal Party Idea or a Great Girl’s Night

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Here is a suprising celebration that could be a wonderful idea to get your bridal party on the same page, and have a blast doing it. As I was reading my Flylady daily digest this morning, I was thrilled to read a “flybaby” testimonial. One of the ladies had purchased some calendars and pens and clingies from the flyshop. The suprising and delightful part is what she did with them.

As her family and friends (I would assume this is a rather intimate gathering) got together for a casual meet and greet, she passed out numbered index cards to each guest. On the index card, next to each number each woman wrote her favorite color, favorite birthday she ever had, favorite past time, favorite collectible, favorite animal, favorite season. Then each person signed the card. If you have five guests, each guest should receive 5 cards. Fill out each one and then hand a card to each person at the table. Then, explain to the guests that you plan to use these as jumping off points for celebrations, craft and gifts ideas.

This woman then went on to present her friends with calendars and pens and stickers. They all got a big kick out of learning about each other and chatted their time away with each other in grand fashion while sipping sodas and nibbling on chips and salsa.

One thing I have done in the past with my calendars is I’ve been very deliberate about the one I use most often. My central calendar, so to speak, (yes the old-fashioned kind you write on) hangs in my kitchen. The one I picked out this year looks like this.  It can be purchased at  Click on the pic.

Pretending to be Normal Central Calendar.

I write my bills on it as they come in the mail along with balances. I also put stickers (shiny ones always) everyday that I workout. This gives me a quick visual as to whether I am on track with my fitness plan.

What a great gift to give each other, and yet another cheap party idea! Love it.


The Crazy Party Game Find or Say What???

I love the library.  Call me old fashioned, to read real books with pages and all, but I love it.  It’s like shopping for free.  You get to take back the clutter and get a fresh supply.  Did you know Ben & Jerry went to the library to figure out how to make ice cream, and the rest is history?  So why can’t I use it to fuel my party idea fire?

On a recent trip, I looked for a little inspiration for my blog.  And boy, did I ever find a doozy.  I brought home a party game book.  I just kind of glanced at the title, and thought it said, “Great Party Games.  Over 200 Games for People of All Ages.”  Nope.  What it really says is, “Great Party Games.  Over 200 Games for ADULTS of All Ages.”  This party game book is written by Gyles Brandreth.  The copyright date is 2000.  The reason I bring this up is because, I just yahoo’d him.  (I would have google’d him, but my son set up my browser to default to yahoo.)  This dude is something else. 

Great Party Games...Seriously

Great Party Games...Seriously

When I first brought the book home, I skimmed the first few games.  Just the names really, not even the descriptions.  For some reason, I just sorta let it go.  Well my due date (library that is) is fast approaching so I thought I better give this Great Party Games book another go.  As I am reading, I start to read about this game called Feelies.  I notice that the necessary equipment involves feather dusters and music.  I thought, hmmm that’s strange.  As I read further, like the first sentence in the description, I came across the words dance around and scantily clad.  Say what?  What kind of party is happening here?  I actually laughed out loud as I read these games to my husband.  And we got a great kick out of wondering how the heck people would react to some of these games.  Well, other than run screaming down the street after slapping us in the face.  Suffice to say, this game is in the “Naughty Games” section.  And well, I won’t even go there on some of these, not even in a blog. 

However, I will say that the other chapters provide some great games.  Some very hilarious ones.  Like this party game called, “Ankles.”   Here’s how to play:

  1.  Divide the guests into two teams. 
  2. Hang a blanket or curtain. 
  3. Have one team sit or stand next to each other behind the curtain with their socks and shoes off.  And that being the only visible part of the players bodies.
  4. The other team then guesses whose feet are whose.  (They can examine the feet if necessary.)
  5. Then switch teams, and the team with the most correct guesses wins.  This works best with 40 or 50 guests.

There are actually some awesome party game ideas in this book.  And yes, most are more geared toward adults.  So head on down to the library, or Amazon, and pick up a copy.  Even if you’re not hosting a party, this will make you laugh.  The Author himself puts it best in the intro, “There are games here for the innocent and the wicked, for the sober and the merry, for the prim and the permissive, for the athletic and the sedentary, for the extrovert and, yes, for the introvert too.”  And he is most certainly right.

Home Made Water Fun Idea for Summer $4

Most of us have seen the commercial where the 20 somethings strip down to their skibbies, and hit the hill on some plastic while the sprinklers spray away.  This got me to thinking…cheap birthday party idea!  Me and the kids took the liberty of recycling some plastic from our haunted house, hooking up the sprinkler, and heading out for some slippery fun. We made a home made water slippery and slidy thing.

It’s all fun and games until… Ok, it was all fun and games.  What can I say.  All we really did was spread out the plastic.  You need a heavy gauge so it won’t rip easily.  I know we paid $4 for the roll of plastic from our local hardward giant, (now that’s a cheap birthday idea).  Add a nearby sprinkler and voila.

Here’s the sad part.  We let the neighbor kids come over and join the fun, and their grandmother, in the good old fashioned keeping up with the jones’ way, promptly went and pucrhased a new fangled one for $10.  Well, they had to take it back because it was already ripped before the first use.  What’s worse is the kids preferred our impromptu version.

Check out the pics below.  We used some snow tubes for sledding for extra cushioning.  This really helps with older bones like mine.  We had loads of fun, that’s for sure.  The neighborhood kids who missed out on the shenanigans, were so bummed we had to do an encore the next day!  And my youngest son, who is 8, said, “mom can we do this for my birthday party?”  $4 and smiles?  I think I can do that.

Give it a shot.  You’ll need something to hold the plastic down.  And you’re going to want to pick it up when your done unless you want no return of your grass ever!  We do have a bit of a rut.  But truthfully, I don’t care.  I want our kids to have fun, and if that means a stripe of grass doesn’t meet the grass police standards.  So be it.

Home Made Slippy Slidy Thing

Home Made Slippy Slidy Thing

Fun Party Game Idea Inspired by Trip to Wis Dells.

My wheels are turning right now.  Our family just came back from a trip to Wisconsin Dells.  Most people go on vacation to get relaxation, I go to get inspired.  And that’s exactly what happened.  For anyone who has even been to Wisconsin Dells, I hope you were able to experience Wizard’s Quest.  I’ll try to clue in everyone else real briefly. 

Basically, Wizard’s Quest is an attraction that allows you to enter as teams.  You are assigned a name and have to answer a bunch of quirky questions about fairies and folklore.  The answers are found throughout different areas of the building.  It’s basically like a trivia scavenger hunt that is a sensory delight.

This got me to thinking.  Instead of a haunted house this year, I may just have a scary version of this game, and instead if Wizard trivia, I could use scary movie trivia.

I’m going to try to paint a word picture here as to how this idea could be used party style.  In the case of Halloween, let’s just say you used Scary movies.  What you would want to do is create little vignettes based on Dracula, the Birds, Frankenstein, Saw…whatever works for your theme.  In those vignettes, you would need to hide answers to the questions.  And maybe a clue to a place where keys were hidden or something.  At Wizard’s Quest, you have to “unlock” Wizards, that’s why I thought there should be keys or something.  Maybe to unlock a mummy or witch.  Each team would be given a list of questions and the first team to bring back all of the correct answers wins.  Now, Wizard’s Quests has some seriously hidden secret passage ways, and we didn’t even find all of the wizards and were there for well over an hour. 

So, what I am thinking is I create a mummy vignette.  This would need to be a display that would obviously feature a mummy, and some rats and snake, and maybe a secret compartment, some mummy factoids.  You get the picture.  This game serves as entertainment and decoration all at the same time.

But why stop at Halloween?  Why not do the princess’ castle, or the ok coralle, or the pirate’s ship?  You could carry this through just about any theme.

Love those ideas that are cheap and serve double duty.  Let me know if you try this one out.

Cheap Party Starter

To  be honest, when I attend a shower, the party games can bum me out a bit, mostly because I am usually surrounded by a bunch of people I don’t necessarily know all to well.  So the idea off making a fool of myself upon first impression doesn’t sound like fun.  Maybe I need to not worry so much, but I’d venture to guess I’m not alone on this one. 

I just came across something really cute on my travels this weekend, and actually, I’ve purchased something similar before.  This would be a good time to share this info, as we are embarking on shower inundation season, and party season really.  If you’ve invited a mixed bag of nuts to your party, consider purchasing a product like this, to serve as an icebreaker and also give a little relief to the hostess.

Conversation Starter Cards

Conversation Starter Cards


These little packets of conversation starters will help stimulate a little chatter, and save you from having to play mixer woman.  The photo in this post is from Amazon, but there are a lot of different brands for this type of product.  Head to your local Barnes & Noble and you’re sure to find something that will do the trick.   The one I purchased was a deck of cards I found at WalMart during Valentine’s Day.  I used this on a date with my husband and we had a fun time answering the questions. 

Another option, even though it’s a game, is

Would You Rather...?
Would You Rather…?

Zobmondo makes an awesome game that is fun for every age, and will lead to some very interesting chatter as well.  Click on the picture to head over to their site and check out all the different options available. 

So, next time you’re planning on gathering a bunch of people together that don’t know each other all that well, have something available for them to work with in terms of mixing with each other.
I also like to use “displays” of photos to create a conversation hub.  And please, for pete’s sake get a little creative when you do this.  Don’t just slap some pictures on poster board.  I’ll share some cheap and easy and fab ideas for this in another blog entry.  Check back soon.

Rock Star Party

Rock Band Party

Rock Band Party

What better way for you to become a Rock Star for a day than to host a party themed around that game we all know and love?

I’ve seen a few videos of people making their best attempts at doing this, but to pull it off it’s gonna take more than 3 dudes standing in front of the TV,  belting out their tribute to AC/DC.    In fact, I just watched a video of such an event.  I was totally surprised that someone posted it, but hey, it was a good attempt.  We all have to start somewhere.

This should be a party dedicated to rocking out.  So do that.  Rock out your party!  To get people stoked about it, you have to be stoked about it.  Are you ready to rock?

Invites: Create a Ticket!

1234 Main Street Welcomes Rock Star World Tour

A List Guests Only (That’s U). 

If you aren’t dressed to rock, don’t even knock.

Time: 7:00 PM – ’til the last one is standing.




Let’s talk menu: 

  •  Smokin’ Drumsticks, 
  •  Rockin’ Rolls
  •  Bleuz Burgers
  •  Nirvanna Nibbles.

You get the picture.  Fun descriptive name cards can be scribbled on old Cd’s with a sharpie and placed in front of each dish.  Instant decoration, instant mood enhancement, and FREE.  Well the food isn’t free, but doesn’t it all sound better with a great name.?  And I addressed that whole matter in another blog entry, but it really is easy to fool people into thinking they’re dining on something special simply by the description you give it.  Yeah, a study has been done on this, and it works.  Go figure.  Hey, I remember trying this on my kids when they were little.  I just called everything steak, so they ate it.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about.


  • Make a CD garland by stringing Cd’s together with fishing wire.
  • Hang some album covers.
  • Buy a roll of red fabric for a red carpet effect at the front door.
  • I’ve heard if you place a fogger in a cooler the fog will stay lower.  Sweet bonus if you have one of those.
  • Dig out your lava lamp, disco ball, strobe light.  Any kind of cool lighting.  Heck hang some icicle lights. 
  • Make your own concert poster using your favorite desktop publishing software.
  • Super impose the faces of your guest on your favorite rock stars and hang around the room.


Of course the obvious…hit the old PS 3. 

For the other people who can’t be playing the PS 3 at the time…this is a game adapted from a Halloween Party game called “Killer.”  We’ll call this rocked out. 

  • Buy yourself enough bead necklaces (can purchase form Dollar Tree) to equal one per guest. 
  • One person is designated as the “Rock Star”
  • The way the “Rock Star” is chosen is by taking a deck of cards and passing out a card to each person as they come in.  They are not allowed to tell anyone what card they have chosen.  Let them all know before hand that the person who chooses the Ace of Spades is the “Rock Star”
  • The “Rock Star’s” job is to go around the party and quietly wink at people without anyone other than the person he/she is winking at that they are being rocked.
  • Once you have been rocked, you must either scream out I’ve been rocked, and fall to the ground like you’re dying.  Then grab a bead necklace to signify your new fate.
  • Eventually, all people will have been rocked and the last remaining person wins the game.
  • People should “rock out” 30 seconds or so after they have been winked at so they don’t give away the identity of the rock star.  be sure to explain this from the beginning.

Give an award like a wild tshirt/baseball cap that has some sort of rock saying on it, or a rock CD.  Whatever is befitting a rock star.  Maybe some fake tattoos. 

Hint: You might want to stack the deck so that the right person gets the Ace of Spades,  you don’t want someone who would be uncomfortable doing this be the rock star.

So that about sums it up.  Let your imagination run wild, and don’t be scared.  This party will Rock!

Panty Hose Polo


This game would even be funny for adults! 

Basically you take a pair of panty hose.

1.  Stick an orange, or potato, or something of similar weight, and stick it in the toe of one of the legs.

2. Now tie the other leg around your waist.  The leg with the orange should now be hanging between your legs, potato/orange touching the floor. 

3.  Place a tennis ball on the floor. 

4.  Try to hit the tennis ball with the orange until you get to the finish line.

You could do this like golf for a longer version.

This will definitely require hip action.  It’s gotta be hilarious with adults.  Maybe in a couples challenge setting.