Getting ready for your party & “stretchy pants.”

Nacho know his rules or stetchy pants, do you?

Nacho know his rules or stetchy pants, do you?


For those of you have ever seen the movie, Nacho Libre, you are certainly familiar with that famous quote where Nacho tries to explain why he was wearing stretchy pants to one of the orphans.  However, if you missed it, and you’re a girl in the US (I can only speak for us) then you know what I mean by stretchy pants. 

What made me think to blog about this?  I’m getting ready to go on a date with my hubby, and I am putting on a pair of distressed stretched jeans.  Yeah, that’s when it came to me, I need to warn my fellow party chicks, if you’re going to wear strechy pants to your next event.  DO YOUR LUNGES FIRST. 

When you first snap the boogers into place, things happen that shouldn’t be witnessed by those we love, or anyone for that matter.  So put this on your party planner. 

  • Day before party.  Put on stretch pants, do five lunges on each leg, repeat.
  • Lie on back and give your knees a hug.
  • Do a few downward facing dogs.

And you’re good to go.


Hair Dilemmas

Maybe you’ve never read my ebook on party planning.  I still love you.  I know that nothing can (OK maybe some things) damper your party spirits more than bad hair.

What happens if you are so busy (which you wouldn’t be if you read my ebook..again, still love you) getting ready for your party that it’s a half an hour before the big dance and your hair is starting its own little freak show? 

Velcro Rollers

Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers and baby powder to the rescue.  You must have these on hand at all times.  Some people say flashlights and clean underwear..yeah that’s probably good.  BUT we cannot handle hair emergencies, so do yourself a favor and stock this stuff.  You can sub out cornstarch for baby powder in a pinch.    

  1. First things first.  Do not panic.
  2. Take a deep breath, and repeat, I’ll be OK.
  3. Go to the bathroom and begin combing a section of hair so that it is at a 90 degree angle to your head.
  4. Now spray a light hairspray on the strand.
  5. Wrap around roller.  (choose a larger size roller for a full body straight style, and smaller for a wavier look. Continue around head making sure you have rolled in the direction you want the hair to end up going.
  6. Turn your hair dryer on and “dry” each curled section for 30 seconds.
  7. Cool down.  Yeah you and your hair.  Allow a 2 minute cool time at least.
  8. Whip out the rollers.  I find the faster I whip them out of my hair the better it looks when I’m done.
  9. Now sprinkle a little baby powder on a paddle brush.
  10. Whip brush through hair.
  11. LOOK GOOD!

For an instructional video check this out. Velcro how to.