Halloween Party: How it all Went


Awww, what a cute couple.


"Still crazy after all these years."Isn't that greusome.


Hi mom!


Stayin' alive!


Quite the ammo there!


Like mother, like son.

A good time was had by all.  Hope your parties went on without a hitch and you wallet in tact.




Halloween Party: It’s the Final Countdown.

I’ve spent the past two days putting up Halloween Decorations.  Things are looking great.  But today my focus is wrapping up costumes.  I like to be sure my Halloween costume, and my kid’s costumes are ready for party time.  So I gave mine a whirl this morning.  The following is a list that will help you avoid a meltdown concerning your costume.  Follow these directions and you’ll be off to a good start to your party.  Who wants to be the worst dressed at their own event?  So let’s get going.

  1. Gather the garments.  Do they require specials shoes, belts, jewelry, capes, makeup, wigs, hats?  make sure all parts and pieces are put in the closet of the person who will be wearing them.  (Or any place that YOU KNOW WILL WORK).
  2. Give it a dry run.  Put the majority of the stuff on.  Do any adjustments need to be made?  Want to add or subtract something?  Need any last minute purchases? 
  3. Practice your make up/hair.  If your costume requires detailed makeup.  You may want to at least make sure your bases are covered and give it at least an outline.  You’ll be suprised what might be better learned today, instead of the day of your Halloween Party. 
  4. Pamper yourself.  Need a mani/pedi?  An eyebrow wax?  A deep conditioning hair treatment?  To Tan?  Today is that day.  Take a minute, even if you do this stuff yourself, you’ll want to be relaxed and refreshed to handle the next few days.  So treat yourself, and use the quiet time to renew your creativity and give you a fresh perspective.

After you’ve finished this, you’re probably ready to look at this whole thing with a better mindset.  Now take a half hour or so to tidy up your to do list.  Tomorrow, it’s time to get crackin!  Oh, and today.  Hit one room.  Clean it and do a littel decorating.  Get out some candles.  It will only take a half hour at most.  Put on some great music.  Believe me, when the party rolls around, you’ll be glad you did.

Halloween Party: Print this one out.

Getting your Halloween Party ducks in a row.  If you haven’t been following along, check the Halloween Category over to the right, you’ll be up to speed in no time flat.

Mission #1:

Phew!  My Halloween Party plans were put on hiatus for a few days while we fought off the flu.  Most of the plans included deep cleaning.  I use Flylady’s detailed cleaning list for zones to do this.  You can find them in pdf format hereNormally, I would attack each zone/room one day at a time, and I have sort of been doing that in between checking temperatures, meds, dr. calls and such.  But, the important thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it can be done in 15-30 minute spurts.  Just stay focused on the room you are in, and set a timer.  I  usually break it down like this:

  1. Throw out any trash (fruit roll up wrappers, old magazines/catalogs. etc.)
  2. Take things that don’t belong in the room you’re in and put them in the room they do belong in.  (also can you make a Goodwill trip and donate anything…check for that too.)
  3. Look Up!  Check for cobwebs (although 4 Halloween they’re kinda nice LOL).  Beat ’em down with a broom. 
  4. Windows and sills and trim.
  5. Doors and baseboards.
  6. Dust flat surfaces
  7. Do the floors.
  8. Spray with air freshener to give yourself a happy smell reward for all your work. 

Seriously, this doesn’t take as long as you think.  Just do it for a half an hour, then sit with your feet up and a glass of water (flushing out fat for the big day is always good.)  I would do no more than 2 rooms in a day, 3 at max.  We still have other fun stuff to do, and we don’t want to waste all that good energy on cleaning.

Mission #2:

Review your menu grocery list, and finish purchasing anything you need.  Make sure you have these items too.

  1. Plates
  2. Napkins
  3. Cutlery
  4. Streamers
  5. Candles
  6. Ice
  7. Beverages
  8. Cups
  9. Toilet Tissue (don’t want to run out of that)


Mission #3:

Take one morning or afternoon to finish up baking or any make ahead items you can.  Let’s get those things out of the way.  Less to worry about for next week.


Mission #4: 

Decorate at least one zone.  Remember, we were picking about 3 areas to decorate, if you haven’t done any decorating, get two zones done, if you have, one will do.  Again, less running later.  This doesn’t have to be expensive or crazy, I gave you some ideas in other blog entries.  Cheapy masks, plastic pumpkins, real ones, streamers, rubber snakes, bugs, bats or rats, old wine class=”mceItemHidden”> bottle, old tools, and candles do just fine.  Heck print off some old photos and hang those around.   Here’s one more last-minute Halloween Party decoration thought…


Shadow puppets.  Nothing is creepier than shadows.  And you can cast your own easily.  Martha has a good tutorial on her site.  Go Check it Out.

Here’s an AWESOME example of one that I found on Etsy.  The shop is called Isabella’s Art

Go get a gift or some inspiration.

Hmm, great idea, and cheap

Hmm, great idea, and cheap

Mission #5:
Borrowing.  Are you borrowing any items from people?  Get those arrangements settled.  It will only take a couple phone calls.  You can do it.
Now before you get all overwhelmed and say this is going to take too long.  Or, I can’t handle this.  Let’s recap. 
  1. The cleaning is going to take 1 hour.
  2. You’re going to the grocery anyway, the list review might take 15 minutes,
  3. Bake/cook for one hour only.  You’ll be amazed how much you can do.
  4. Decorating your zone.  Do it for 30 minutes and then quit!  That’s good enough.
  5. 10 minutes worth of phone calls.

So that is about 3 out of 72 hours of your weekend to get you on your way to a rockin’ party.  Think about how much time you give your job, and this is FUN and you’ll be accomplishing a bunch for your mental sanity and giving your friends and family a good time.  I think that’s worth 3 hours.  You CAN do it.  It would probably do you some good to get a walk in as well.  Just go out and get the “stink blowed off”, as my grandmother used to say.  Drink in the fall air and show those bones and muscles a good time.

Halloween Party: Eye Makeup. How fun!

Lots of fun ideas for Halloween on Makeupgeek.com.  I love this stuff, so fun.


Just thought I’d share for fun!  Enjoy!

Halloween Party: The weekend agenda.

Ok, I have almost all of the ingredients I need for the Halloween Party Menu.  Today, I am going to make these cookies. 

Vampire Bites.  What a cute & simple way to celebrate the night!

Vampire Bites. What a cute & simple way to celebrate the night!

I found this cookie recipe on the Baking Bites blog.  Awesome resource for very dessert recipes, go check it out. 

I usually like to make sure I like the stuff I plan to serve at this shindig.  And yesterday I made a recipe that I found while looking up some cheap ideas for decorations.  This one is called Sliced Snakes & Veggies Over Maggots. 

Sliced Snake and Veggies over Maggots

Sliced Snake and Veggies over Maggots

It is INCREDIBLE.  I could eat this every day.  I was so pleased because the recipe is cheap and simple, and healthy.  What more can a girl ask for?   This Halloween party recipe is care of  The Ghostess.  While on the subject of the Ghostess, I have to say, her site is sooooo cool.  From what I can tell, she is a veteran at Halloween Parties.  AND she shares tips and tricks throughout her site.  Pictures galore can be found of everything from invites to decorations.  I really enjoyed perusing through her haunt and I hope you do too.  If not, you’re really missing out on a great resource. 

So this weekend will be full of baking, and after I have crossed off my baking list, I’ll make a plan for the rest of these ghoulish dishes. 

Oh, I am making those paper mache pumpkins, and so far, so good.  It’s actually kind of fun.  My kids want to help, so that’s a good sign. 

If you don’t have a lot of decorations yet.  Here are a couple of cheap items that can make big impact. 

  1. Streamers
  2. Table cloths (Dollar Tree, and they have a lot more stuff too)
  3. Candy corn in glass containers (Dollar Tree has some cool glass containers)
  4. Those pumpkin buckets you use for Trick or Treating (Walmart has neon versions for 94 cents).
  5. You can always use Martha Stewart Templates to make something cool.
  6. Old tools from the shed.
  7. Spider web from dollar tree/walmart
  8. Old sheets
  9. White candles  (I like dripping the wax from a red crayon or candle over these to make them look bloody).
  10. Make a scarecrow out of some old jeans and shirt stuffed with all those plastic bags you have hanging around.

Check back, this thing ain’t over by a long shot!

Halloween Pics, Just for Fun.

A little fun filled Halloween Editing care of Picnik.

A little fun filled Halloween Editing care of Picnik.

You too can be one hot zombie.  Just go to Picnik’s Website, upload one of your photos.  Then use some of their FREE features, OR upgrade and really do yourself up right.  Seriously, these can be really fun portraits of guests to do for a Halloween Party.  Have your own zombie gallery.  Or just use your own pic as a working guide for your zombie costume.  Have fun, but BEWARE, it’s addicting.

Halloween Party Check Point: 3 Weeks Out

Yesterday I delivered a number of Halloween Party Invitations dressed as Cruella DeVille.  I still have a few left to go.  Here’s what happens each year after I deliver invites.  Panic sets in.  I have no idea why, but just a little bit of panic starts to settle in and drive me nuts.  SO it is imperative that you have that handy dandy notebook to go back to in times like this.  Oh, I’ll be fine, but that dang notebook keeps my head on straight.

Here’s what’s happening this week.

  1. Deliver the remainder of the invites.
  2. Set in concrete all of the recipes I will personally make for the party…done
  3. Get those ingredients in list form in my notebook…done.
  4. Bake and Freeze at least one recipe…done.
  5. Purchase the remainder of  the baking and spice ingredients of those recipes on store run for the week. (check sales online).
  6. Set in concrete which zones I will definitely decorate. (Kitchen, Dining, Entry Inside and Out, A little in the garage.)
  7. Narrow down my costume options and do a Goodwill run.
  8. Make a good playlist.  Even if it’s just on paper for now.
  9. Make paper Mache Pumpkins like these.  (Click on the pic to see how.)

    These awesome Halloween decorations are PAPER MACHE.  Can you believe?

    These awesome Halloween decorations are PAPER MACHE. Can you believe?


I hope you all have your to do list going.  Your invites sent out, or least heading out this weekend.  Most of all DON’T PANIC.  Just quit and come back to it if you feel overwhelmed.  Go for a walk, do a heavy duty workout, bake something, read, but don’t freak out.