Vintage Recipes

If¬†I were to sell something on¬†Etsy, and call it “vintage,” it would need to be 20 years old or better.¬† If that’s the case, I’ve made it to¬†vintage.¬† For some reason, my mind usually¬†drifts to the 1940’s when I think of vintage.¬† My holiday baking this year has had a bit of a theme running through it, and that theme is definitely vintage.¬† I love looking through depression era cookbooks, and even up into the 1970’s.¬† Primarily those books are very basic, and you can really glean a lot of wisdom from the ladies (and gentlemen) whose recipes grace the pages of these types of books..

I tried my hand at candy making.  My son and I took a crack at candy canes, and well, that is not easy!  We managed to have candy coated hands and that was about it.  I had to laugh as I watch Guy Fieri of the Food Network make candy canes at Disney World, and yes, they wore gloves!  click on the pic for some coverage of that action.

Guy Fieri's Cooling Canes at disney care of DIS Unplugged

My mom was kind enough to “foist off” some of her cookbook collection to me last week.¬† One of the titles in that collection was Depression Era Recipes by Patricia R. Wagner.¬† I just love the recipe titles.¬† things like Mrs. Knowles’ Radio Cake, Aunt Minnie’s Oatmeal Cookies (which are delicious, if I do say so myself) and Mayonnaise Moisturizer.¬† So often we find ourselves online looking for advice or tips on how to live within our means and make the most of our budgets, when sometimes the best tips can be found in Gramma’s kitchen.¬† Hasn’t she been telling you all along?

One of the quotes you’ll find in Depression Era Recipes is from Oliver Wendell Holmes.¬† I thought you might enjoy.

No soil upon earth is so dear to our eyes

As the soil we first stirred in terrestrial pies.

She may dress in silk, she may dress in satin,

She may know the language, Greek and Latin,

May know fine art, may love and sigh,

But she is no good if she can’t make pie.”

-O.W. Holmes

Depression Era Recipes by P. Wagner


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