Return to Simplicity

My mom and I did something so brave yesterday.  I must admit, I was full of anticipation and revelled at the possibilities.  It was a journey that would quite possibly reignite some excitement in me.  We went to the mall. 

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=shift+key&iid=239358″ src=”0235/9c7cad95-d383-447f-9649-b27ee085d876.jpg?adImageId=8005702&imageId=239358″ width=”337″ height=”506″ /]

My age (37 as of Monday), might well reveal my reaction to our trip.  Instead of coming away with the delight that was once evoked in my earlier mall shopping experiences, I nearly darted out of the place in shock.  No, there was no madman.  But instead of seeing all of the glitz and fashion and glamour, I saw desperation. 

Recently, I have had a disdain for all things “cool,”  except for maybe the Snoopy version of Joe Cool.  I’m not sure if it’s the aversion to being sold on “what’s best for me now.”  Or, if it’s a celebration of who we’re created tobe as individuals.  Whatever it is, cool was dripping from the walls of the mall, and it was scary.

At what price have we paid to be cool?  Credit card debt, mortgage meltdown, slave labor in third world nations, cancer from the toxins that prove to make us beautiful?  That’s not cool.  That’s sick.

On a happier note… (I’m thinking Rocky Mountain High by John Denver.)

This Christmas season my purchases will be more deliberate than ever.  I will gladly exchange my dollar to the mom who creates from her heart in order to support her family, rather than the people who employ children for the sake of “cool.”  I’ll test my own kitchen in the rigors of forgotten recipes of a simpler time.  Yeah that platter of cookies slopped together in the big grocery chain seems so easy and convenient.  But maybe it’s not what it seems.  I think I’ll get far more satisfaction knowing I’ve grown a little.  That I’ve employed some skill, time, energy and love of my own in blessing the ones I profess to love.[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=vintage&iid=12808″ src=”0012/7748bf78-53d6-4888-bcc0-736f9a60eccb.jpg?adImageId=8005689&imageId=12808″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

It’s not everyone’s conviction, nor do I hope to make it that.  I just ask that we think.


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