Cheap Lunchbox Trick: I’m Proud of This One.

When I was little, I had a strange habit.  Every time I would get a piece of bread, I would try to squish it into the smallest, most perfect cube possible.  Fast forward to 2009, my bread squishing habit is long gone.  This brings to me to my son, no he’s not a bread squisher.  This is about his lunch.  I’ve discovered a great way to save lunch money.

My son likes to pack Brownie Bites.  Brownie Bites are found in the snack aisle, and for a box of maybe 6 packs, 6 brownie bites per pack, you too can purchase Brownie Bites for about 4 bucks.  Needless to say, he doesn’t get to pack these very often.

Last week the grocery store had brownie mix on sale for $0.88!  I baked these bad boys according to the directions, and found myself backsliding into my bread squishing habit.  Only this time it was brownies.  I sliced up the brownies into squares and began squishing the squares into perfect little cubes.  I popped about 5 into a Baggie and threw them in the freezer.  My kids found them in their lunch the next day.  The review: fantastic.  No crumbs, perfect portions, and absolutely yumminess.   So for a little over $0.88, I made my own brownie bites.  And I came away with a lot more than what comes in the $4 a box originals.

lunchbox saver

I knew that bad habit would pay off.


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