Centerpiece Idea: Eye Poppin’ & No Leaves Droppin’!

the Untraditional Topiary

Eye poppin', show stoppin' & no leaves ever droppin'. Love that!


I love all things bloggy.  And whenever I am travailing the big bloggy world, I almost always stumble across someone really special.  Sometimes, I am totally unable to recall the path I took to get there, but I guess that isn’t the point. 

Most recently, I was at one of my usual haunts, Mom Bloggers Club. checking out who was on the scene.   I just love to go check out the creative mom minds in cyberspace.  This trip found me at The Untraditional Topiary.  Yes!  This is what it’s all about.  Finding that thing that makes you YOU and going with it.  Shelley started making these stunning creations and before she knew it, she had a full blown business going.  On a visit to her etsy shop, I found out she will customize these for you.  Oh, the possibilities.  Go check out her blog, and her shop.  Maybe you’ll get a little inspiration, or maybe a little help with your next party!  You know you’ll be getting some great comments with one of these little gems on display.  It’s always fun to have a unique attention grabber, and this definitely fits the bill!


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