Halloween Party: Last Minute Decorating Inspirations

I thought I’d throw in a few pics of what I have going for my Halloween Party and a couple of ideas to help with any last minute brain malfunctioning.

Halloween Hydrangea

Hit the road or the garden. Find some dried whatever, and haul it in. Nothing like FREE.



These have got to be getting cheap. I've been watching those prices drop at Walmart. Pick up a few for last minute if you're desperate.



Print Out some letters on card stock, cut them out and string them on ribbon or string, or whatever you have. EASY I will admit I bought this one last year, but I did feel kind of stupid bc this is pretty easy to make!Don't forget to label your food. If you're not the best chef, well you'll look like one. It's all in the presentation anyway. Cheap, quick, big bang for littel buvk. Love that.



Red alert. These labels are on sale at select Dollar Tree stores. 8 in a pack. 2 of each kind!

I have a party lights post where I use these little individual battery powered led lights you can find in the wedding section at walmart.  If you put a bobby pin through the loop at the top it will rest perfectly at the mouth of the bottle.  I’m not puttin liquid in bc I am a big chicken.
Halloween Display

These little boxes can be found at Hobby Lobby. 3 for about $8. If you have a coupon all the better. Just hang on wall and put whatever you have inside!

Remember, you could just buy some different colored light bulbs too.
Here’s a last minute rundown of cheapie stuff you can use.
  • sticks
  • spider web
  • candles
  • silver trays from dollar tree
  • balloons
  • streamers
  • pumpkins
  • pics of guests and placed in cheapie frames from dollar tree.

Now get Crackin!









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