Cake Balls: Take Two

Halloween Cake Balls

Spooky AND tasty, oh and of course CHEAP!

The first time I made cake balls, I made the cake, threw it in a bowl and mixed in the frosting.  THIS time, I made the cake, let it cool, frosted it, and chilled the cake.  THEN, I shaped the cake balls.  I actually shaped little ghost shapes for the Halloween Party.  The shaping part was easy.  The not so easy part was the white chocolate melting.  I tried microwaving white chocolate chips, and it was a fine balance to keep them from seizing up.  Needless, to say that didn’t work.  Next step, using the baking chocolate verison in a double boiler.  Still not as thin as I would have liked.  Then I remembered.  I needed to add a little bit of butter to the chocolate and a teensy bit of cream for a more ganache like consistency.  Voila!  Cake ball magic.

These will probably not grace the pages of Living, but dang, they’re good.  I may still thin out my chocolate enough and add some food coloring.  These goblins need faces.



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