Halloween Party: It’s the Final Countdown.

I’ve spent the past two days putting up Halloween Decorations.  Things are looking great.  But today my focus is wrapping up costumes.  I like to be sure my Halloween costume, and my kid’s costumes are ready for party time.  So I gave mine a whirl this morning.  The following is a list that will help you avoid a meltdown concerning your costume.  Follow these directions and you’ll be off to a good start to your party.  Who wants to be the worst dressed at their own event?  So let’s get going.

  1. Gather the garments.  Do they require specials shoes, belts, jewelry, capes, makeup, wigs, hats?  make sure all parts and pieces are put in the closet of the person who will be wearing them.  (Or any place that YOU KNOW WILL WORK).
  2. Give it a dry run.  Put the majority of the stuff on.  Do any adjustments need to be made?  Want to add or subtract something?  Need any last minute purchases? 
  3. Practice your make up/hair.  If your costume requires detailed makeup.  You may want to at least make sure your bases are covered and give it at least an outline.  You’ll be suprised what might be better learned today, instead of the day of your Halloween Party. 
  4. Pamper yourself.  Need a mani/pedi?  An eyebrow wax?  A deep conditioning hair treatment?  To Tan?  Today is that day.  Take a minute, even if you do this stuff yourself, you’ll want to be relaxed and refreshed to handle the next few days.  So treat yourself, and use the quiet time to renew your creativity and give you a fresh perspective.

After you’ve finished this, you’re probably ready to look at this whole thing with a better mindset.  Now take a half hour or so to tidy up your to do list.  Tomorrow, it’s time to get crackin!  Oh, and today.  Hit one room.  Clean it and do a littel decorating.  Get out some candles.  It will only take a half hour at most.  Put on some great music.  Believe me, when the party rolls around, you’ll be glad you did.


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