Halloween Party Check Point: 3 Weeks Out

Yesterday I delivered a number of Halloween Party Invitations dressed as Cruella DeVille.¬† I still have a few left to go.¬† Here’s what happens each year after I deliver invites.¬† Panic sets in.¬† I have no idea why, but just a little bit of panic starts to settle in and drive me nuts.¬† SO it is imperative that you have that handy dandy notebook to go back to in times like this.¬† Oh, I’ll be fine, but that dang notebook keeps my head on straight.

Here’s what’s happening this week.

  1. Deliver the remainder of the invites.
  2. Set in concrete all of the¬†recipes I will personally make for the party…done
  3. Get those ingredients in list form in my notebook…done.
  4. Bake and Freeze at least one recipe…done.
  5. Purchase the remainder of  the baking and spice ingredients of those recipes on store run for the week. (check sales online).
  6. Set in concrete which zones I will definitely decorate. (Kitchen, Dining, Entry Inside and Out, A little in the garage.)
  7. Narrow down my costume options and do a Goodwill run.
  8. Make a good playlist.¬† Even if it’s just on paper for now.
  9. Make paper Mache Pumpkins like these.  (Click on the pic to see how.)

    These awesome Halloween decorations are PAPER MACHE.  Can you believe?

    These awesome Halloween decorations are PAPER MACHE. Can you believe?


I hope you all have your to do list going.¬† Your invites sent out, or least heading out this weekend.¬† Most of all DON’T PANIC.¬† Just quit and come back to it if you feel overwhelmed.¬† Go for a walk, do a heavy duty workout, bake something, read, but don’t freak out.


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