Halloween Party Invites: Aging Paper

Every Halloween Party I’ve thrown uses a paper aging technique for the invitations.  This is a FREE way to age paper (and fabric buwahhaahaaa see way at the bottom of this post) and it’s pretty simple.  Because I use this paper in the printer, the first step is usually just a general yucking of the paper.  We don’t want to go to crazy on the paper yet because paper jams stink.

I went ahead and tried a few different materials to see which worked best.

Here’s the conclusion and a few tips.


These buggers can be found all over the ground in the midwest.  They look kind of like rotten tennis balls.

  • Crush it with a hammer inside an old useless towel.   Use Gloves!
    Walnut in the rough.  It gets even uglier when you bust it with a hammer.

    Walnut in the rough. It gets even uglier when you bust it with a hammer.


  • Put the junk in a glass bowl (or one you won’t mind staining) of HOT water.
  • Stir around a bit.
  • Strain the chunks.
  • Place the paper gently in the bowl, letting it wrinkle a bit.
  • Place on a nasty old towel to dry making sure you’re not dying anything underneath.
  • Hold down, while you dry it a little with a hair dryer.
  • Try to keep it flat so it will go through printer.
  • We’ll age it a little more later, it’s fine for now.  Trust me.

    Onion Skins:


    • Remove Skins from Onions (darker skins the better)
    • Place in a pot of water.
      Boiling Onion Skins

      Boiling Onion Skins


    • Boil Until Water becomes a little darker than caramel.
    • Beware your house will smell like onions.
    • Repeat Steps from above for soaking paper and drying.














    Just use your coffee.  It will work best anyway.
    Just use your coffee. It will work best anyway.

    •  Pour your coffee in a bowl. Allow to cool.
    • Place paper in bowl.
    • Let it crinkle a little, but not so much it rips.
    • Use drying technique from above.









    I liked the way the paper turned out with the coffee the best, although it gets a bit darker with the other items.  This just seemed easier.  The next step in the process will be coming tomorrow.  So here’s what you can be doing in the mean time.  Look around on the internet to find an old vintage image that fits your theme.  We’re going to be editing it so that it becomes a background image on your invites.  I like mine to be black and white (also done through editing) and then faded out quite a bit.  You could scan some old photos you have, or here’s a cool place to check out.


    Another awesome use for all of these concoctions….dying fabric.  I am going to show you how to create a pretty cool garland for your Halloween party using fabric (ugly old towels, cruddy white/ecru t-shirts, or any other light colored leftover fabric you mind staining).  Once your done dying your paper use the liquid to thrown in fabric.  At this point, I’ve dyed a towel, a t-shirt and another half t-shirt my husband ripped up because he needed a soft cloth.  I know there is a way to keep this dye so that it holds fast.  But since this is for Halloween, I am going to not worry about it being washable.  Hmmm, mummy costume, bandages, Halloween banner/garland.  Cheap and Free.  We like.

    Stay tuned to see what I do with my dyed fabric!  Oh, I can’t wait!


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