Halloween Party: Week 2 Kick it in to at least 2nd gear.

Last week we were getting our handy dandy notebook, dedicated to our Halloween Party, and filling it with all sorts of valuable information.  This week it’s time to get a little messy.  I had hoped to post about my invites on Friday of last week, sorry about that.  But I’ll be working on them today, and getting all the pics, and directions up for grabs today.

Since this is make it happen Monday, here’s what’s on tap for the week.  We’re going to get this Halloween Party started.  Check out what’s in store.  The beautiful thing, nearly all of it is free, and your name don’t have to Martha to get the job done.

Invites (Free and spooky and made from scratch)

A Grocery List ( Stocking up one trip at a time)

The Tree(I told you we would make something fun.  This is a virtually free project and is soo cool.  We can thank Charlie Brown for this one.)

TBD I like to keep a little mystery in the air.

Just for fun:

Notice I have a funny button up there on the right.  This is a link to a blog that is counting down to Halloween.  There you will find a list of links to other blogs that might give you some ideas.  Surf at your own risk, I haven’t clicked all the links.  But all of the people on that list are trying to post something Halloween Related everyday.


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