Halloween Party: Menu Part Two

Dessert Table

Dessert Table



I told you I would share last year’s menu, and what I am planning to do with this year’s Halloween Party Menu, so here goes.

Last Year:

We did potluck with this caveat in mind.  People get sick, fired, forget…so while potluck is good, make sure you’re covered and let the potluck stuff be in addition to.


Chicken Wings.  All I did was each week purchase a frozen bag of chicken wings at Walmart, if they were on sale, I bought two bags.  GFS usually has a good sale on these the week of Halloween.  The great thing about chicken wings is you can cook them like the day before, and then add your sauces in a crock pot or big pot on the stove the day of your Halloween Party.  I baked some on parchment according to package directions, (this way you can cook like two bags at a time).  AND I did some in the frydaddy while those were baking.  This is a hot process.  You will be hot, and so will your kitchen.  But for about $30 you can make 147 wings.  (A serving is generally considered three wings, but then there are guys and face it, hungry gals, so I’d kick it up to six and the skinny girls will make up the difference).  If you are buying these on bag at a time and throwing them in the freezer, by the end of October you’ll have a load of wings with budget in tact.   

Let’s just see how that works out for premade. Wingstreet from Pizza Hut is generous to give you 44 honey bbq wings for $26.99.  Hmmm, you can have 100 more doing it yourself AND you can customize flavors.  Just sayin’.

Ham N Fleas Sandwiches: That’s a live link to the exact recipe I used last year.  It’s on AllRecipes .com so the beautiful thing is you can plug in a guest number and the recipe ingredients adjust.  The recipe sounds very weird, but the sandwiches are grubalicious and cheap.  These sandwhiches are made on dinner rolls.  Again GFS has giant packages of rolls you can buy in advance and stick in your freezer. 

Beer Bread:Again, a live link.  I only made on loaf of this, and I made a flavored butter that all you do is sit the butter on the counter and ad  1/2 pkg of italian seasoning and a chopped clove of garlic.  This is a very hearty and filling recipe, and EASY to make, and CHEAP.  Love that.

Pumpkin Dip: This recipe is cheaper than cheap and VERY Good.  Warning, ginger snaps are not cheap.  Not at all.  You could sub out like graham crackers or something, or like I said, grab one on a trip to the grocery, for my purposes (80 guest) two bags will be plenty.  Very filling.  You could serve this in a cup or bowl placed inside a hollowed out pumpkin, very cute.  I called mine, GINGER SNAPPED DIP.

Dirt Pudding: This version is not the kind with the gummy worm on top.  This one boils down to; cream cheese, vanilla pudding, cool whip and crushed oreos.  All mixed together, so if you look on AllRecipes.comYou can probably find something close.  Very good, very filling and makes a lot for cheap.  Serve in a glass container for an ugly, but dang good effect.

Queso:  Make your favorite recipe.  I use a block of velveeta, a jar of salsa, and a pound of taco meat.  Easy.  And chips. 

My neighbors and friends bring all sorts of goodies.  Beth brings meatballs, Wendy brought a pumpkin roll one year.  Roger brought his buffalo chicken dip, Sherry brought some pop and chips.  I live in an awesome neighborhood where everyone is so much fun, and with those kinds of friends, you just can’t go wrong.  Think of the people you love who will be attending your Halloween Party and remember anything that is their specialty, and let them show off their skills.

Beverages: A quick note, the first year I did this I ran out, so be sure you have plenty on hand.  Maybe that can be a potluck request, a 12 pk of pop or some 2 liters.  I just house this in a big ol’ bucket outside.  The garage can be a beautiful thing.  Less mess, and close to the house.  Utilize this place if possible.  This year I think I am going the punch route.  It’s cheap and serves a lot.  A generally speaking, people can’t overload on punch, unless they are itching for a stomach ache.

This Year’s Halloween Party Menu:

I’m sort of over the wings, and am thinking of shredded chicken sandwiches.  Gooseberry Coming Home has a fabulous recipe and it is CHEAP.  But more importantly it is soo good.  I’ll have some sauces and toppings to add. 

Ham and cheese sandwiches. Makes a lot for a little.

Dirt Pudding again. Easy and cheap

Queso and chips

I found an awesome cheese ball in my Gooseberry book, but you could do this with a premade one and it would be cute. Slice off the stem of a pumpkin, clean it up and stick it on top, and your cheese ball looks like a pumpkin. Too cute.

A couple of soups/chilli:I recently saw in a magazine soup served in styrofoam cups with little decorations added to the side.  I wonder how safe that is.  I guess if you can drink coffee out of one, maybe this would work?  Hmm.  Seems easy and convenient for sure.  But if you’re a little squeamish about styrofoam, I’d check out the safety on that.  Soup is cheap and goes far, and you can make ahead and freeze it.   And if you’re weather is dreary, might make the perfect addition to your party.

Sugar cookies.  I am going to do the cut out kind. Yeah, by now I have a lot of Halloween Cookie Cutters, but you could do like a rectangle and round off the top with a knife and do little tombstones.  Cute and easy.

My point here is that you can feed a lot of people without breaking the bank.  It just takes a little planning ahead.  SO go ahead and finalize your menu and write down the ingredients you’ll need for each recipe.  Next time you head to the store (keeping in mind if you plan on making things ahead of time, that you’ll have everything).  grab a few items off the list.  Each week, check to see how far you are, before you know it, you’ll have everything you need for a perfect Halloween Party Menu that is cheap, easy and crowd pleasing.





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