Project Halloween Party: The Menu- Part One

Just a small part of the spread.

Just a small part of the spread.

I sat down this morning and quickly threw together a guest list for our Halloween Party.  This year there will be 80 people (invited).  Because this is the 3rd year for the Halloween Party, that isn’t scary.  The first year it was.  If you are planning your own Halloween Party this year, I hope you’ve been following along, if not just peek at the Halloween category at the right and jump right in.

Up to now, we have our handy dandy notebook with the pumpkin on the front.  And a page dedicated to our guests.  Who/How Many/Attending or Not.   And then we did a brainstorm of ideas.
Next week we’re going to really get the ball rolling as far as the details go.  Oh yes, the making and fun stuff is coming, but for now we need to be getting our ducks in a row, so we can stay on budget and stay sane.  So trust me, just follow along and you’ll be the better for it. 

Here’s what we want to do next:

Next Page in Halloween Party Planner: WRITE THE WORD MENU

Some thoughts and suggestions before I get into this any further.  It is NEVER cheaper to do the premade thing.  You will be so surprised how easy and cheap this is going to be.  BECAUSE we are going to just add a few of the ingredients that will be on our menu list to our grocery cart each week. 

Any Halloween Party recipes used should meet the following criteria (for the most part).

  • Something(s) sweet.
  • Something(s) savory.
  • Drinks
  • Can be made ahead of time (this is most definitely true if you’re attempting something more complex-try not to do that.)
  • The less ingredients the better unless we’re talking spices.
  • Tried and True is always good.  not the time to really experiment, unless you want to make a small batch of whatever for the fam first (always good testers, and tellers of truth).

 Just jot down a rough idea of what you’d like to serve as a main dish(es), a couple sides, and a couple desserts and snacky things.  Don’t forget beverages.  This list will change, but for now, it gives some idea.  Think simple, easy and cheap.


Double Duty Food!

Let’s face it.  Big companies pay big money to package their products in eye catching ways.  So let THEM pay.  For instance, Jones Soda.  The containers are great receptacles for plastic cutlery.  Let’s say we’re just doing the regular orange and black thing.  Start thinking pumpkins are orange.  licorice is black.  Candy corn fits the scheme.  Oranges fit, lollipops, orange Sunkist, chocolate can be dark and sinister.  Keeping in mind the color of the menu, we are basically decorating and feeding guests all at once!  Bonus!  I’ll get more into this, but it’s another one of those brainstorming things that will help you generate ideas while coming up with a menu.

 I’m sharing the start of my menu with you tomorrow, and I’ll let you in on what I did in the past too.  So if you’re stuck, never fear, I’ll let you know exactly what I did, and where to get the goods. 


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