Halloween Party Post: Another Point of View


If you haven’t been following my blog, this entry is part of a series I am dedicating to Halloween Parties.¬† The basic premise is to illustrate that it is completely possible to throw a killer Halloween Party without killing your budget.¬† Just check out the posts in the Halloween category to the right and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

This week I am using my handy dandy notebook to lay the groundwork for my own Halloween Party.  My (rough) guest list is in place and approx 70-80 people will be invited.  That seems like a tall order with a small budget, but I know it can be done, because I am about to do it.  And I have a wide scope of what my theme will be.  Today I want to tighten that up a bit by doing a little more brainstorming. 

During my brainstorms, I like to look at things from a different vantage point.¬† I like to boil things down a bit.¬† For instance, say I travel to an awesome little store that has some cute Halloween Decoration (yeah, I said cute-go with me).¬† What I do is separate each element down to it’s smallest part, and figure out how I can duplicate each of those parts, put them together to¬†create a similar effect and save a boat load of bucks.¬†

Here’s an example; I was at (insert craft store here) and they had a Notre Dame Halloween Skull centerpiece.¬† $35!¬† Boiled down it was this.

  • ¬† A plastic skull that was covered in blue glitter. (Dollar tree glitter, glue and skull)
  • ¬†A fall wreath (oh, you’ve got one or¬†wire some leaves together)¬†
  • A few¬†gold leaves scattered around (Christmas picks Dollar store!)
  • ¬†With a little blue glittery bow (probably have one or, again, Dollar store)
  • ¬†A¬† wooden shamrock painted black with go Irish written in white. If you’re an irish fan you have one somewhere, paint it black and write Go Irish with some white out.)

Entire project, given you don’t already have supplies lying around: $7 C’MON!

Here’s an example of another perspective that always helps.¬† A kid’s perspective.¬† Need a costume idea?¬† Who better to ask than a kid?

Just Ask a Kid for Ideas

Just Ask a Kid for Ideas


So either on the next page of your notebook, or below what you’ve got going from your last theme brainstorm,


  • Write down some menu items you’re thinking of trying and come up with a couple spooky names for those dishes.
  • What are some games you’d like to play?¬† How about your own version of Fear Factor Need ideas? click here (Don’t get too sidetracked.¬† Try to spend only 15 minutes on this.¬† We’ll come back to it.¬† Don’t worry.”
  • Any entertaining friends who’d be willing to sing a couple of songs?
  • Wanna just crank your playlist?¬† Use Pandora or¬†XM Radio¬†What songs might fit your theme?¬† Write a few must-haves down.
  • Decorations (I’ve got some cool handmade stuff in the works, but always use what you have to make life easier too).¬† What feeling do you want to invoke in your guests?¬† DO you want them to be slightly afraid? Scared out of their wits? Laughing hysterically?¬† Like they just stepped up to a haunted mansion or creepy house in the woods?¬† Have any old creepy tools hanging around? Masks?¬† List what you have.
  • What spaces are you going to use?¬† dining room, garage? living room? Outside?¬† A tent?
  • Whatever else comes to mind.¬† Use all of your senses.¬† Lighting: candles, flashlights, a bonfire, mini christmas lights?¬† What do you already own that might be cool?¬†Smells of warm apple cider?¬† Coffee?¬† Pumpkin bread? Touch: will they walk through a curtain to enter your party?¬† Will the textures convey danger?¬† Will their feet step on hay as the come up the path?¬†

Again, don’t brainstorm¬† until you’re a puddle on the floor.¬† Just use 15 minutes or so to get your theme rolling.¬† We’ve got time.¬† But do try to put some big headers at the top of each brainburst, like FOOD, DECORATIONS, MUSIC Etc.¬†

Don’t let it get too out of control where you lose those great ideas in the shuffle.


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