Halloween Party Blog Installment 2: Theme it Up!

 This is Make it Happen Monday.  SO let’s do some planning so we can make our Killer Halloween Party happen.  Monday’s are the day I’m gonna lay out the week.  So get out your notebook again and get ready to have a little brainstorm.

When I say theme it up, I’m not saying you have to come up with some concrete Halloween Party theme right off the bat, but we need to have direction.  For instance, my first Halloween Party I used Hotel Killafornia.  So my invites used (a project I’ll show you later) my own parody of the song lyrics.  We had a haunted house where the rooms were set up with a hotel in mind. 

 The following year, I just called it a Killer Halloween Party and we used a tricked out version of Martha Stewart’s finger in the box Halloween invite  (btw, this is not necessarily easy, or cheap, but it was cool) and labeled our food with some killer names.  Again, we had a haunted house and tried to make it just plain scary more darkness than anything. 

This year my theme is loosely based off of an inside joke involving tequilla. 

Hmmm, and idea just crossed my mind.

Hmmm, and idea just crossed my mind.

 So you can imagine the menu, the decorations jumping off of that.  All of my themes are loose.  Not every single element of a Halloween Party has to follow the theme.   The party police won’t come get you (unless you cause to much of a raucous).  Just make sure you have a basic idea to guide your decorating, invites, menu etc.

Now get your notebook out, throw out a few ideas (even if you are trying to figure out if you want to be corny, fallish, scary, elegant, or whatever).  Movies are a good place to start, just make sure you can carry the theme far enough.  But if you can’t, it’s still ok.  You’ll be surprised how easily this will all come together once you have a theme to work with.  Now get crackin,’  but don’t spend too much time, maybe 10 minutes tops.  Write down some theme ideas, and anything else that flies out of your brain that you would like to incorporate.

For the rest of the week:

Tues: Tie up the theme

Wednesday: It’s menu time.

Thursday: Menu Ingredients- so you can plan out grocery trips and make your budget stretch.  Double duty foods.

Fabulous Friday: I’ll show you how to make the cheapest and coolest Halloween Party invites ever!  Make sure you have your theme nailed down, at least for the most  part.  This way you’ll be ready to get those invites out at least three weeks in advance.  You want people to show up in awesome costumes, you gotta give ;em time to get it together.


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