Halloween Party Tool: It all starts here.

Halloween Party Tool.  Not too high tech, but very effective.

Halloween Party Tool. Not too high tech, but very effective.


If you have been following my blog at all, by now it is aparent that I will be hosting my own cheap (nearly free) Killer Halloween Party.¬† The picture above is an essential part of pulling off an awesome Halloween Party without killing your budget.¬† Yeah, it’s a notebbok.¬† Not very high tech, but believe me, it’s going to help you get this thing done, and get it done right.¬† So grab a notebook. (Don’t go buy one because you know you have a pad of paper somewhere.¬† Just go get it, and draw a big fat pumpkin on the front.) Voila Halloween Party Planner.

If you haven’t nailed down a date yet, you should probably get that on the first page.¬†¬† Check out the post before last for some tips about this.

Next, I want you to work on a guest list¬† Just write GUEST LIST on the top of the page after your date page.¬† You can work on this over the weekend.¬† Do it¬†a little at a time, but this list is going to help you immensely, so these particulars need to be done.¬† We’ll get to the fun stuff later.¬†

Project Invite should look like this: (don’t make a spreadsheet dang it, use a pad of paper and pen!)¬†

Family Name          Number of Adults/Kids             Invite Sent                Will Be There/NOT

Very simple. 

I want you to load it up.¬† Go ahead invite everybody.¬† My first Halloween Party I invited so many people, and I must admit I was sooooo nevous.¬†¬† Everyone had a blast, and that’s exactly why this will be my third.¬† I invited everybody: neighbors, friends, family, people from church, co-workers, and they all got along fine.¬† Don’t sweat that, as Castanza says, “Worlds will collide.”¬† Really, it’s ok.¬† Halloween Party’s give people the opportunity to express themselves.¬† They can loosen up and let a little bit of their alter ego out.¬†

Within the next couple of posts of the ¬†Halloween Party¬†series, I¬†will show you how to create invites that are basically FREE, require not too much effort, but will impress and get people excited about attending.¬† I can’t wait!¬† buuhwhaaah haaa haa


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