Halloween Party Post 1: The Date a few things to Consider

This seems like a no brainer post.  But before you write me off  with a big fat DUH, these few little tips are almost imperative if you want to throw a frighteningly great Halloween Party.

1. When choosing a date consider the weather.

I always, ALWAYS check the Farmers’ Almanac.  It is always really close.  While you don’t get an exact temperature, the site offers about a three day indicator of what to expect.  So let’s say your Halloween Party is going to happen on the Friday before Halloween.  My area says, “28th-31st. Generally dry weather should arrive in time for Halloween.”  So, it’s fairly safe to say it will be dry on the 30th.  I have used this for so many things, and it has never let me down.  At least you’ll know whether part of the Halloween festivities could be outdoors, or other arrangements need to be made.

2. Who’s Playing?

Before you go all ballistic on me, check your local team schedules.  I have a bunch of Notre Dame fans that attend my party, so Saturdays may work if there isn’t a hoe game, but you don’t want a bunch of monsters huddled in front of the tv either.  Same goes for High School.  Do you have a bunch of high school football players or their family members that wouldn’t dare miss a Friday night game?  Check the schedule.  I don’t want you standing there all by your lonesome in that awesome Halloween costume!

3. Local Events: ie. Trick or Treat

While it is completely possible to work your event around trick or treat, remember a lot of people have their own traditions and neighborhoods to visit.  Check your trick or treat times and whether or not your community is holding any kind of huge event that may conflict with your date.

Now, you can’t please all people, but you can do your homework and at least remove some obstacles.

Next Halloween Party Blog Installment: the GUEST LIST!  Oh, it’s gonna be big!



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