Cake Topper or Smile Maker?

You know, that when it comes to weddings receptions, my favorite show stopper is the cake.¬† This cake topper stops the show all right.¬† And it falls under cheap ideas because it’s versatile.¬† When the party is said and done you can set it in your bedroom to give yourself a little smile each morning, much better than the traditional topper.¬† Gotta love a keepsake that is still pretty to look at twenty¬†years later.¬† ¬† SweetPixiePie¬†makes these cake toppers CUSTOM out of polymer clay.

Gorgeous Cake Topper by SweetPixiePie

Gorgeous Cake Topper by SweetPixiePie

This is¬†SweetPixiePie’s specialty, yet she welcomes a challenge.¬† If you’re looking (especially for a fall wedding) to wow your guests with a unique art piece, look no further.¬†¬†¬†Supporting handmade artisans is one of the little things we can do to spread the love, and at the same time bless our own lives with something crafted with care.


3 Responses

  1. Love this! Absolutely adorable! Thanks for the info.

  2. This is so neat! Love the idea!!

  3. This is very unique, I love one of a kind, I love this Cake topper…

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