Celebrate the Hidden Treasures Within

This post is actually inspired by an article I read in one of my favorite magazines. 

Learn More about Living on Less with Mother Earth News.

Learn More about Living on Less with Mother Earth News.

The article’s title is Reclaiming the Kitchen and can be read in the June/July 2008 Issue of Mother Earth News.¬†¬†Cooking real meals¬†is the predominant subject of the article.¬† However, one person, Ricki Carroll, is featured as having taught thousands of people to make their very own cheese.¬† Yes, you can MAKE cheese!¬† While I am interested in the subject of making cheese, and most definitely in Reclaiming the Kitchen by feeding our families the very best foods (instead of whatever cardboard container is in the sale bin)¬† I am also interested in how a hobby can convert to a party, and if you’re savvy, a little marketing adventure.

What is your hobby?¬† What is that thing you love to do.¬† Or that skill that you possess that could prove quite beneficial to others?¬† Dig deep, you have one.¬† Maybe it’s your ability to put together graphics and make the cutest CSS anyone has ever seen.¬† Or maybe, the way you always have the best hair and makeup.¬† I know, you have a knack for trends and people always fall over at how you style yourself.¬† Whatever that quiet little skill you’ve been hiding or thinking isn’t of value, I’m here to tell you it is.¬† Need a little more inspiration?¬† Check out 48days.net.¬† You’ll be glad you did.

So back to the Mother Earth News article and how this fleshed out for Ricki Carrol.¬† Her hobby was making cheese.¬† She is good at it, has a passion for it and began teaching others how to do it.¬† That blossomed into a full time cheese making teach o rama for her.¬† Now take that thing you do so well, and do the same.¬† Yes you are good enough, so don’t start fighting with me already.¬† Start by having some friends over.¬† Do you make an awesome pizza?¬† Show them how and share the fruit of your labor.¬† Do you grow the best dang tomatoes?¬† Have you friends over for BLT’s and share that you grew your own and show them how.¬†

¬†Don’t miss this point.¬† Everyone likes to showcase their talent.¬† So¬†take the time to know your guests and ask THEM about their hobbies.¬†¬†Ask them how they got started, let them do a bit of soul searching.¬† While the whole event can be totally casual, you never know what hidden treasures you’ll find in your friends.¬† And they¬†will leave feeling encouraged and invigorated.¬† BLT’s?¬† C’mon.¬† That’s easy and cheap.¬† A lifetime of friendship…well you know the rest.


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  1. Oh my goodness! You really got it right on this one, Jen. Last weekend we were invited to a couple’s house for BBQ. The wife and I were talking and she invited me in to see her sewing room and all of her quilt tops! I never knew that she made quilts. She makes them for gifts. Anyway we started talking and she has a secret dream to sell her quilt tops. We had a great conversation about our dreams and we were both inspired that evening by sharing our passions!

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