The Crazy Party Game Find or Say What???

I love the library.¬† Call me old fashioned, to read real books with pages and all, but I love it.¬† It’s like shopping for free.¬† You get to take back the clutter and get a fresh supply.¬† Did you know Ben & Jerry went to the library to figure out how to make ice cream, and the rest is history?¬† So why can’t I use it to fuel my party idea fire?

On a recent trip, I looked for a little inspiration for my blog.¬† And boy, did I ever find a doozy.¬† I brought home a party game book.¬† I just kind of glanced at the title, and thought it said, “Great Party Games.¬† Over 200 Games for People of All Ages.”¬† Nope.¬† What it really says is, “Great Party Games.¬† Over 200 Games for ADULTS of All Ages.”¬† This party game book is written by Gyles Brandreth.¬† The copyright date is 2000.¬† The reason I bring this up is because, I just yahoo’d him.¬† (I would have google’d him, but my son set up my browser to default to yahoo.)¬† This dude is something else.¬†

Great Party Games...Seriously

Great Party Games...Seriously

When I first brought the book home, I skimmed the first few games.¬† Just the names really, not even the descriptions.¬† For some reason, I just sorta let it go.¬† Well my due date (library that is) is fast approaching so I thought I better give this Great Party Games book another go.¬† As I am reading, I start to read about this game called Feelies.¬† I notice that the necessary equipment involves feather dusters and music.¬† I thought, hmmm that’s strange.¬† As I read further, like the first sentence in the description, I¬†came across the words¬†dance around and scantily clad.¬† Say what?¬† What kind of party is happening here?¬† I actually laughed out loud as I read these games to my husband.¬† And we got a great kick out of wondering how the heck people would react to some of these games.¬† Well, other than run screaming down the street after slapping us in the face.¬†¬†Suffice to say, this game is in the “Naughty Games” section.¬† And well, I won’t even go there on some of these, not even in a blog.¬†

However, I will say that¬†the other chapters provide some great games.¬† Some very hilarious ones.¬† Like this party game called, “Ankles.”¬†¬†¬†Here’s how to play:

  1.  Divide the guests into two teams. 
  2. Hang a blanket or curtain. 
  3. Have one team sit or stand next to each other behind the curtain with their socks and shoes off.  And that being the only visible part of the players bodies.
  4. The other team then guesses whose feet are whose.  (They can examine the feet if necessary.)
  5. Then switch teams, and the team with the most correct guesses wins.  This works best with 40 or 50 guests.

There are actually some awesome party game ideas in this book.¬† And yes, most are more geared toward adults.¬† So head on down to the library, or Amazon, and pick up a copy.¬† Even if you’re not hosting a party, this will make you laugh.¬† The Author himself puts it best in the intro, “There are games here for the innocent and the wicked, for the sober and the merry, for the prim and the permissive, for the athletic and the sedentary, for the extrovert and, yes, for the introvert too.”¬† And he is most certainly right.


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