Home Made Water Fun Idea for Summer $4

Most of us have seen the commercial where the 20 somethings strip down to their skibbies, and hit the hill on some plastic while the sprinklers spray away.  This got me to thinking…cheap birthday party idea!  Me and the kids took the liberty of recycling some plastic from our haunted house, hooking up the sprinkler, and heading out for some slippery fun. We made a home made water slippery and slidy thing.

It’s all fun and games until… Ok, it was all fun and games.  What can I say.  All we really did was spread out the plastic.  You need a heavy gauge so it won’t rip easily.  I know we paid $4 for the roll of plastic from our local hardward giant, (now that’s a cheap birthday idea).  Add a nearby sprinkler and voila.

Here’s the sad part.  We let the neighbor kids come over and join the fun, and their grandmother, in the good old fashioned keeping up with the jones’ way, promptly went and pucrhased a new fangled one for $10.  Well, they had to take it back because it was already ripped before the first use.  What’s worse is the kids preferred our impromptu version.

Check out the pics below.  We used some snow tubes for sledding for extra cushioning.  This really helps with older bones like mine.  We had loads of fun, that’s for sure.  The neighborhood kids who missed out on the shenanigans, were so bummed we had to do an encore the next day!  And my youngest son, who is 8, said, “mom can we do this for my birthday party?”  $4 and smiles?  I think I can do that.

Give it a shot.  You’ll need something to hold the plastic down.  And you’re going to want to pick it up when your done unless you want no return of your grass ever!  We do have a bit of a rut.  But truthfully, I don’t care.  I want our kids to have fun, and if that means a stripe of grass doesn’t meet the grass police standards.  So be it.

Home Made Slippy Slidy Thing

Home Made Slippy Slidy Thing


2 Responses

  1. That totally rocks!

  2. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for stopping by my site today and for the compliments! If your ever in the market for a bloggy makeover let me know and I’ll hook ya up on the cheap!

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