Etsy Finds for Weddings: Wedding Cake Idea & Gorgeous Favors

I love to stumble through to see what gorgeous handmade items I can find.  And when I find some that are made by locals, well I love it even more.  Supporting people who use their God given talents to spread some joy throughout the land is a wonderful thing. 

Here are two of my latest finds.  And the artists couldn’t be more creative or talented.  If you’re game to try these wedding ideas on your own, by all means give it a whirl.  If crafty isn’t your gig and you’d rather pay someone who has the gift… here are two artists who can get the job done.

The first is Trish from Holland, Michigan and her Etsy shop is daisyanddots.  She has been featured in numerous blogs and makes buntings that are the cutest I’ve ever seen.  But the reason I’m featuring her is her paper cakes.   She has taken the paper cake to another level.  Her are a few slices from her shop.

Vanilla Paper Cake by Daisyanddots

Vanilla Paper Cake by Daisyanddots

Two of every girls' favorite colors!

Two of every girls' favorite colors!

You’ll have to verify this info with the Trish, but I believe she customizes these to your colors, and the price couldn’t be better.  How cute would a slice of these little delectibles lining your tables look?  Fill them up with Hershey Kisses, or whatever treat your little heart desires, and your guests will leave knowing you’re a gal who pays attention to the details.  And if Trish makes them for you, she paid attention to the details, but I won’t tell.  You just look like a superstar while Trish did all the work.  Man, I wish etsy was around when I was getting married.  Hmm, maybe I can convince the Hubby of a do-over?  Oh, I think you’ll just have to invite me to your instead!
While you’re decorating, you can’t skip this talented lady’s shop either.  When I saw these, my imagination ran wild, or should I say flew wild?  I love insects, especially butterflies.  Butterflies have so many interesting little factoids to know about them, and their lives are such beautiful stories.  How perfect to carry the concept of the butterfly into your wedding.  With these paper beauties, nobody gets hurt, and you still get the whimsy and grace of one of God’s most amazing creatures in your wedding.
Check out this variation of a wedding place card.  Possibly simple to make if you have the inclination to do so, or an extremely talented friend or relative.  If that’s not the case though, visit Timeless Paperon Etsy.
Check out these beauties.
Timeless Paper Wedding Place Cards

Timeless Paper Wedding Place Cards

So, if you are looking to include some custom elements in your wedding, here are some ideas the crafty bride can try on her own, or better yet…support handmade and go etsy!

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