Make your Man the Master of the Meat

Steaks for all!

Steaks for all!

Everyone has been to parties where tacos, sloppy joes, and all that rot has been served.¬† After all, isn’t that the cheapest way to go?¬† You might be suprised.
At my son’s birthday party we served New York Strip.¬† Yeah, I’m the cheap party chick.¬† Here’s the deal.¬† We went to a local market.¬† Ours in the Niles, MI area is called Sheltons.¬† We purchased a whole New York Strip and were able to cut at least 20 steaks from it.¬† The cost…$50.
Now, I am sorry, I’ve done everything from Little Ceasars, to sloppy joes and tacos, ¬†and for the money, this ranks right up there.
So before your get yourself all set to do things on the cheap,  and serve up some pot full of hamburger, consider this option. 
¬†Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning and grill to perfection.¬† Now you look like a big ol’ hero, and didn’t spend any more than you would have on hamburgers.¬†
So where does the master of meat fit in?¬† You know what it’s like to go to the grocery and haul stuff in, and then put it away.¬† Well, when you have one of these fancy little vacuum sealer gadgets…
Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer

The boys like to get their knives out and go to town on the steak.¬† Then they can pack it all up with the help of their new kitchen toy, and you’ve got steaks for a month or so!¬† Heck, if they’re a grill master, let them be the hero of the party and cook it too.¬† Sneaky!¬† Win win!

Seriously, we do this all the time.¬† You can purchase whole ribeye, new york strip, a big ol’ thing of ribs, a family pack of hamburger, and this little¬†vacuum sealer can package them in singles, or three to a pack.¬† However your want to divide them.
I think reynolds sells a cheapie one that will work, but I prefer the heavier duty ones you can find at Target.
Cheap Party Chick says go big!

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  1. Well I’ll be darned!! That is brilliant!

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