Fun Party Game Idea Inspired by Trip to Wis Dells.

My wheels are turning right now.  Our family just came back from a trip to Wisconsin Dells.  Most people go on vacation to get relaxation, I go to get inspired.  And that’s exactly what happened.  For anyone who has even been to Wisconsin Dells, I hope you were able to experience Wizard’s Quest.  I’ll try to clue in everyone else real briefly. 

Basically, Wizard’s Quest is an attraction that allows you to enter as teams.  You are assigned a name and have to answer a bunch of quirky questions about fairies and folklore.  The answers are found throughout different areas of the building.  It’s basically like a trivia scavenger hunt that is a sensory delight.

This got me to thinking.  Instead of a haunted house this year, I may just have a scary version of this game, and instead if Wizard trivia, I could use scary movie trivia.

I’m going to try to paint a word picture here as to how this idea could be used party style.  In the case of Halloween, let’s just say you used Scary movies.  What you would want to do is create little vignettes based on Dracula, the Birds, Frankenstein, Saw…whatever works for your theme.  In those vignettes, you would need to hide answers to the questions.  And maybe a clue to a place where keys were hidden or something.  At Wizard’s Quest, you have to “unlock” Wizards, that’s why I thought there should be keys or something.  Maybe to unlock a mummy or witch.  Each team would be given a list of questions and the first team to bring back all of the correct answers wins.  Now, Wizard’s Quests has some seriously hidden secret passage ways, and we didn’t even find all of the wizards and were there for well over an hour. 

So, what I am thinking is I create a mummy vignette.  This would need to be a display that would obviously feature a mummy, and some rats and snake, and maybe a secret compartment, some mummy factoids.  You get the picture.  This game serves as entertainment and decoration all at the same time.

But why stop at Halloween?  Why not do the princess’ castle, or the ok coralle, or the pirate’s ship?  You could carry this through just about any theme.

Love those ideas that are cheap and serve double duty.  Let me know if you try this one out.


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