Cheap Party Starter

To  be honest, when I attend a shower, the party games can bum me out a bit, mostly because I am usually surrounded by a bunch of people I don’t necessarily know all to well.  So the idea off making a fool of myself upon first impression doesn’t sound like fun.  Maybe I need to not worry so much, but I’d venture to guess I’m not alone on this one. 

I just came across something really cute on my travels this weekend, and actually, I’ve purchased something similar before.  This would be a good time to share this info, as we are embarking on shower inundation season, and party season really.  If you’ve invited a mixed bag of nuts to your party, consider purchasing a product like this, to serve as an icebreaker and also give a little relief to the hostess.

Conversation Starter Cards

Conversation Starter Cards


These little packets of conversation starters will help stimulate a little chatter, and save you from having to play mixer woman.  The photo in this post is from Amazon, but there are a lot of different brands for this type of product.  Head to your local Barnes & Noble and you’re sure to find something that will do the trick.   The one I purchased was a deck of cards I found at WalMart during Valentine’s Day.  I used this on a date with my husband and we had a fun time answering the questions. 

Another option, even though it’s a game, is

Would You Rather...?
Would You Rather…?

Zobmondo makes an awesome game that is fun for every age, and will lead to some very interesting chatter as well.  Click on the picture to head over to their site and check out all the different options available. 

So, next time you’re planning on gathering a bunch of people together that don’t know each other all that well, have something available for them to work with in terms of mixing with each other.
I also like to use “displays” of photos to create a conversation hub.  And please, for pete’s sake get a little creative when you do this.  Don’t just slap some pictures on poster board.  I’ll share some cheap and easy and fab ideas for this in another blog entry.  Check back soon.

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