Cheap Party Idea for the Beach Theme

Super Cheap, Super Cute!

Super Cheap, Super Cute!


Here’s a cute little idea I found for a beach theme.  Seems, like it will register on the cheap & easy scale.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but here’s a little tip.  If your kids have a zillion crayons laying around, have them peel the paper off, melt them down, and use the wax, just to try it out.  Of course you’ll need a wick, but you could probably melt down an old votive, and use that one just to try it out.  Very cool.

I like this one because you can do it in minutes, and what can be cheaper than a shell.  Seriously, they sell bags of them at Dollar Tree sometimes, and I know they sell them at WalMart.  Don’t always jump to the craft store first.  As we all know, that is not the cheapest route, and for crafty folks, it can be dangerously expensive!

Let me know if you try these out, and tell me how it went.


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