The Doily…Cheap Party Decoration Gone Wild.

If you are looking for a cheap wedding idea, or just a cute idea period, look no further than the old standby that’s making a comeback…the doily.  These days, you can get them in just about any size and color, and even do some variations on the shape.  What’s versatile about a doily?  Well I searched the web and found some cute ideas.  And the best part is…doilies are cheap.  So, go ahead and scroll down, or let your imagination run wild on this one.  With doilies being so cheap you’ve got some wiggle room for practice attempts!

This particular cheap favor idea, again comes from the great folks at Country Living.  It is basically a paper doily turned collar for a vase, but I bet you could expand on this. 

Dressing Up a Vase by Country Living

Dressing Up a Vase by Country Living

Frilly cupcake liner for cheap comes to mind.  Hmmm.  I do think paper doilies are quite a versatile little product, and I think they come,  what 50 for $1?

Let’s expand a little on this whole paper doily thought.  We know they’re cheap, so surely we could find some other ways to incorporate them.  Check this out. 

The Paper Doilie...oh so versatile.

The Paper Doilie...oh so versatile.

Click on the pic for more info on how to accomplish this little doily trick.

OK, and here’s the be all and end all to doily trickery.  Who better than Martha to take a doily to a whole new level?  I’, sorry, but you can’t get any cheaper than this when it comes to decorations. 

Doily Garland by Martha

Doily Garland by MarthaUh, yeah. Can U say cheap, easy & CUTE!


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