The Flower Cones Revisited

Ok.  First a little shout out to the Brides who attended the Bridal Show in Zionsville this past weekend!  Woohooo!  So much fun.  You all are awesome.  I so appreciate all the great feedback and encouragement.

Remember you CAN have your cake and pay the bills!

Ok, here are the flower cones I made for the show.  Complete with cheap & easy instructions.

Buy your party hat.

Buy your party hat.

I do want to give you a few words of caution.  These were not that heavy duty, so I would take some ribbon and replace the chin strap with it, for reinforcement.  Also, I would have safety pins handy to pin it just in case.  And you need to put a little ball of clay on the bottom so no flower stems come out.  Cut your flowers short, but not too short.  Ferns might even be cute.  light weight stuff is going to do better.  Another option would be to use card stock instread of lining it with paper, for extra reinforcement. 
One more cute little idea with this would be cheap, but way cute princess hats.  Just line with adorable scrapbook paper.  And stick som tulle out of the top.  Tulle is that cheap netting stuff.  It comes in every color, and you can buy it at JoAnn’s Fabric store, or any fabric store for about $1.25 a yard.  It goes a long way!
Enjoy. Send me your pics if you use this idea.  I would love to see what you come up with!   

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