The CUSTOM Card Drop

Bridal Show.  Cheap Party Chick

Bridal Show. Cheap Party Chick


A  recap.  The Card Drop was made of hat boxes from Hobby Lobby covered in scrapbook paper.  You want to cut your slot for cards with a steak knife.  trust me, it will work better than an exacto.  Just measure how high you need your scrapbook paper to be, and use your favorite double sided tape to keep it in place.  Then, rim the lid with a coordinating paper.  Trim that out with some cheapie ribbon you can find at Walmart fro about 50 cents for 9 yards.  Attach that with hot glue.  Add your flower, butterflies, shells, or whatever goes along with your theme and voila, you are done!  PS you do want to cut a big ol hole in the bottom box so the cards will fall althe way through.  Just make sure it’s not too big so that the top box falls through as well.  Just tape it all together with some duct tape.  Because remember you are covering it anyway!

An even cheaper version (which would allow for more trial and error )would be to use packing boxes.  And do it in a square wedding cake shape.


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