Cheap Party Idea: Build a Burger, Better Please!

I was grilling hamburgers today, and was thinking what fun it would be to host a burger building party.  the next thing that popped into my head was that I HATE when people by those frozen brick patties and say they’re grilling out.  Pardon my gagging.  Maybe I’m spoiled because my hubby is such a burger meister, but c’mon people you can do better than that. 

My next thought was, gee I wonder if you can season the hamburger ahead of time and freeze the patties.  That way you could stretch your party budget over time.  Maybe buy a package of hamburger or two each week until your party (I’m not talking a party your having next year either…one you’re having relatively soon.  4th of July, Memorial Day is coming up, Graduation, whatever.)    The answer to my burger wonderment is yes.  See there once again i looked something up for you so you don’t have to waste your precious time finding out the answer.  More below on this.

Now, how bout the rest of the brick and mortar.

  • cheeses:  mozza, cheddar, bleu, American, Swiss
  • veggies: onions, pickles, peppers, tomato, mushrooms, sprouts, lettuce, get creative
  • condiments: horseradish, ranch, ketchup, mustard(s), mayo, chipotle whatever you can find, BBQ.  Oh the possibilities.
  • Buns: crusty, whole wheat, sesame seed, kaiser rolls, regular, go crazy

Sides: I’ve always wanted to have a Doritos or Pringle fest.  Choose one and buy like 5 varieties and have a taste test.

And have some fruit there too, to keep everybody cool and healthy.  Gotta get your antioxidants.

Drinks…up to you.  But, I’m thinking maybe something reminiscent of the Cheeseburger in Paradise variety.


Here’s how to have the good burgers ready to go.  Ditch those hockey pucks will ya?  Unless you’re playing hockey with them.



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