Along the lines of Staying true and Cheap…

  Being quite the Dave Ramsey fan, I had to share this.  Although I cannot call in and do a “debt free scream” yet, I still love the idea of not participating in the fear and doom and gloom.  There is still plenty to celebrate.  There is plenty to live for, and people need to start doing a blessing count.

I am no stranger to tough times, financial and otherwise so my sympathies go out to those of you in the midst of trial. However, it’s a season. A season.  And what’s really great about seasons is that they change.  And also the lessons that are gleaned during those times… they tend to be the ones that stick.

If I can help it, I am going to attend one of these events, and I do hope you’ll join in too.  As my dad used to say whenever he sensed my apprehension about something I perceived as miserable, “Let’s Get Fired UP!”


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