Rock Star Party

Rock Band Party

Rock Band Party

What better way for you to become a Rock Star for a day than to host a party themed around that game we all know and love?

I’ve seen a few videos of people making their best attempts at doing this, but to pull it off it’s gonna take more than 3 dudes standing in front of the TV, ¬†belting out their tribute to AC/DC.¬†¬†¬† In fact, I just watched a video of such an event.¬† I was totally surprised that someone posted it, but hey, it was a good attempt.¬† We all have to start somewhere.

This should be a party dedicated to rocking out.  So do that.  Rock out your party!  To get people stoked about it, you have to be stoked about it.  Are you ready to rock?

Invites: Create a Ticket!

1234 Main Street Welcomes Rock Star World Tour

A List Guests Only (That’s U).¬†

If you aren’t dressed to rock, don’t even knock.

Time: 7:00 PM – ’til the last one is standing.




Let’s talk menu:¬†

  • ¬†Smokin’ Drumsticks,¬†
  • ¬†Rockin’ Rolls
  • ¬†Bleuz Burgers
  • ¬†Nirvanna Nibbles.

You get the picture.¬† Fun descriptive name cards can be scribbled on old Cd’s with a sharpie and placed in front of each dish.¬† Instant decoration, instant mood enhancement, and FREE.¬† Well the food isn’t free, but doesn’t it all sound better with a great name.? ¬†And I addressed that whole matter in another blog entry, but it really is easy to fool people into thinking they’re dining on something special simply by the description you give it.¬† Yeah, a study has been done on this, and it works.¬† Go figure.¬† Hey, I remember trying this on my kids when they were little.¬† I just called everything steak, so they ate it.¬† Moms, you know what I’m talking about.


  • Make a CD garland by stringing Cd’s together with fishing wire.
  • Hang some album covers.
  • Buy a roll of red fabric for a red carpet effect at the front door.
  • I’ve heard if you place a fogger in a cooler the fog will stay lower.¬† Sweet bonus if you have one of those.
  • Dig out your lava lamp, disco ball, strobe light.¬† Any kind of cool lighting.¬† Heck hang some icicle lights.¬†
  • Make your own concert poster using your favorite desktop publishing software.
  • Super impose the faces of your guest on your favorite rock stars and hang around the room.


Of course the obvious…hit the old PS 3.¬†

For the other people who can’t be playing the PS 3 at the time…this is a game adapted from a Halloween Party game called “Killer.”¬† We’ll call this rocked out.¬†

  • Buy yourself enough bead necklaces (can purchase form Dollar Tree) to equal one per guest.¬†
  • One person is designated as the “Rock Star”
  • The way the “Rock Star” is chosen is by taking a deck of cards and passing out a card to each person as they come in.¬† They are not allowed to tell anyone what card they have chosen.¬† Let them all know before hand that the person who chooses the Ace of Spades is the “Rock Star”
  • The “Rock Star’s” job is to go around the party and quietly wink at people without anyone other than the person he/she is winking at that they are being rocked.
  • Once you have been rocked, you must either scream out I’ve been rocked, and fall to the ground like you’re dying.¬† Then grab a bead necklace to signify your new fate.
  • Eventually, all people will have been rocked and the last remaining person wins the game.
  • People should “rock out” 30 seconds or so after they have been winked at so they don’t give away the identity of the rock star.¬† be sure to explain this from the beginning.

Give an award like a wild tshirt/baseball cap that has some sort of rock saying on it, or a rock CD.  Whatever is befitting a rock star.  Maybe some fake tattoos. 

Hint: You might want to stack the deck so that the right person gets the Ace of Spades,¬† you don’t want someone who would be uncomfortable doing this be the rock star.

So that about sums it up.¬† Let your imagination run wild, and don’t be scared.¬† This party will Rock!


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