Cheap Party Favor Idea, and I mean Cheap

I am revealing a source here.  And I do mean a source.  For those of you who are not crafty, you probably have never ever seen this website.  You are about to enter another world.  A world where the possiblity of looking very craftworthy just came to fruition. 

 Meet Lettering Delights.   This site features FREE software that is akin to scrapbooking.  All of the elements of scrapbooking are there; fonts, journaling blocks, title blocks, backgrounds, graphics.  It all there.  The elements are not free, but here’s a little hint.  They have dollar days sales, and you can shop until you can’t take it anymore.  The software for utilizing all of these nefound toys is easy to use.  The kicker…u ready?  Here it is!

They have customizable candy bar wrappers.  You heard me.  Oh yeah, wedding ones, and just about anything else.  You buy the template for like $4 or so, and you have the template at your disposal forever!  Woohoo!  What the heck is a candy bar wrapper? 

Candy Bar Wrapper

Candy Bar Wrapper

 The best way to see is to just check out the site.  But you can buy a whole pack of hershey bars for like $3 and customize them.  Cheap and easy and cool as can be.

Now, I’ve done it.  I’ve revealed a big giant secret.  You better make good use of it.


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