Fearless Party Ideas

This isn’t one of that posts that spells out how to make a cutsie little centerpiece.  This one’s gonna go a little deeper. 

Parties are meant to be fun.  Duh.  And far too often we make them into a bigger deal than they need to be.  We get scared thinking we’re not going to have anyone show up, or the people who do come will sit around staring at each other wondering when they can go home without looking rude.

What’s the problem?  Fear.  When you host a party, don’t be afraid to be yourself.  That’s probably why anyone would consider coming to one of your parties anyway, because they like you.

I’m just as bad, well, I used to be.  Recently I have decided to adopt the fearless lifestyle.  I am me, just as the good Lord created me.  So, if I want to have a crazy rock band party and have everybody dress like rock stars, then I will.  I’m not going to worry that they think that’s weird.  Truth be told, who doesn’t want to dress like a rock star at least once?

So when you’re planning your event or party, don’t forget about that one element that is a must for your event, YOU!

Do it, I dare you.


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