Looking your best on the Big Day

Any time I host an event or attend one, I really want to look my best. I know that if I am having a crazy bloated day or have been on edge all day, it’s just gonna feel wrong the whole time.

These are a few things that help me keep my sexy going so I don’t have that yucko feeling as a distraction.

1.  Workout the week before. 

OK, I usually workout everyday anyway, but I make sure I am doing my best, especially in the cardio department the week before any event.

2.  Drink loads of water.  Just in case some bloat action tries to throw you off you game.  Make sure you get your water in the week before the event.  8-10 glasses a day.  Put it in a big ol’ mug and sip all day every day.

3. Get Ready First!

It happens all the time.  you’re hosting an event and worried about all that you still have on the to do list.  So you run to the store, and here and there.  You’re cooking, decorating, freaking out.  And now there’s 30 minutes before guests arrive!  Best tip.  Get ready first.  Get out of bed, take your shower, do your hair, and throw on some makeup.  This is called, plan- just in case.  Just in case something unexpected happens that throws you off schedule a little.  you still look good, and feel good.  It’s much better to keep your pretty smile in place when your hair doesn’t look like Don King.

4.  Dance

If there is dancing involved at the party.  Make sure your get your groove on during the week before.  This sort of gets you in the mood to dance.  Maybe crank some Motown while you clean.  Or some Stevie Ray Vaughn while you’re cooking.  Warning: It may get hot!  Actually, your muscle memory comes into play here.  If you’ve already been bopping   house for a week, when the party gets here your body will be ready to go.  It’s sort of hard to fire up a rusty engine and blaze down the road at 60 mph.  Same thing holds true for dancing.  If you haven’t been shakin’ your groove thang in awhile, you may need to rev your engine a few times before the big day.

5.  Drink a glass of wine.

Whatever takes the edge off for you.  I find that if I have a glass of wine before my event (that is if it isn’t a kids birthday party, then save the wine for afterwards) it helps me to calm down a little.

These 5 little tips can go a long way in helping you be ready for your event.

OH, and most of all…

Put a big ol’ smile on your face.  This is the day you’ve been preparing for, so enjoy it with all your might.

Get your water on!

Get your water on!


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