Wedding Words of Wisdom Gift

In my last blog entry I shared the idea of puting together an encouraging book for brides to be.  Asking shower guests (before coming to the shower) to submit their best marriage wisdom, or encouraging words. 

Here are some ideas as to how to bind those and present as a gift.

You could make this simple  in card format.  Or go more complex with an altered book look.   

A book you don't have to hurt.

A book you don't have to hurt.

1. Find some card stock that is 8×11 and cut in half lengthwise.  Also choose some coordinating paper that would run through a printer easily (again 8×11).  As many pages as you think you will need to make your book.  you can have more than one quote per page, or have several on a page.

2. Use a bone folder to fold these pages in half.  These can form the pages of your book. 

3. Lay the pages on ttop of each other.

 4. Sew a seam down the middle.  Scrapbook stores usually carry threads that are a little heavier and designed for paper. 

5. You can type the quotes on the coordinating paper and simply adhere to the cardstock pages, embellishing with stickers, or ribbon. 

OR purchase a premade book, and hand write the words of wisdom.

Here are some fantastic mini scrapbook ideas using everything under the sun, go wild with creativity.


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