Wedding Shower Invites a Sentimental Idea

I have a friend in need of a great idea for a “sentimental” idea for a wedding shower.  Having been married now for 10 years, I wish I would have had someone do this for me.

If you are throwing a wedding shower for someone, consider this invite:

In a few months/weeks Jenny Sue Girly will become Jenny Sue Wife.  Please join us in creating a blessed beginning to her marriage.  Enjoy tea and petites bouchees, while wishing her the very best. 

Jenny Sue’s wedding shower will take place at the Happy Place at 2:00PM on Sunday the blank of blank.      

 Gifts on Jenny Sue’s registry can be found at The Fun Bridey Store.  While gifts of this kind will most certainly be appreciated, those of us in her bridal party thought a grand addition to those would be to give her kind words of wisdom to encourage her throughout her marriage.  Please send your most precious lessons learned in marriage, or a sentiment that has encouraged you, and we will have these bound for her.  We have enclosed an envelope for return, or feel free to email or call with your input.

Thank you so much.  We look forward to sharing this occassion with you.



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