It’s confirmed. Name that Party Food.

Flowery Menus can Make Your Food Taste Better.

Flowery Menus can Make Your Food Taste Better.


A study was done to see what effect menus and lighting have on the dining experience.  The results predictably came back that flowery menu descriptions resulted in a more delightful response from restaurant goers.  People were asked to dine in a restaurant where the food was more, labeled rather than named.  The place had fluorescent lighting.  When asked to rate their experience on a scale from 1-10.  The reviews hit the 3 mark.  Merely changing the lighting and the menu descriptions increased those ratings to the 8-10 range. 

Translate this over to your party.  Simply setting up the right ambiance, and adding cute signage to your buffet, can add quite a bit of impact with little effort.

At one of my Halloween parties, I did this.  I just printed off some simple 1/2 fold cards with “Ham & Fleas” and “Oreo Oh No”  and “Ginger Snapped Dip” to add curiosity and conversation.  Those stupid sandwiches, weren’t all that fantastic, and I had teenagers asking me for the recipe.

Try it.  You maybe surprised.  Don’t think you’re a great cook?  Fool your friends into thinking you are with silly names and a few candles.  Who woulda thunk it?


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