Cheap Doesn’t Always refer 2 Money or “Know when 2 Fold ’em”

I know I’m the Cheap Party Chick.  And most of the time, when I’m talking cheap, I’m talking about money.  Sometimes we need to weigh the hassle factor, or time factor in as well. 

Here’s an example.  If I have never made a wedding cake in my life, but I think I can save money by making my own, I should probably consider the hassle factor AND the time factor. 

Let’s just rationalize for a moment. 

  Cake mix to serve 300.  If 1 box of mix serves 10.  You need 30 boxes.  30 Boxes @ $1.00 a box is $30.  Now add the frosting.  We’ll just say 10 tubs.  We’ll spread thin.  $1.00 a tub.  Now we’re up to $40.  Now figure in the hassle factor.  We’ll just say you’re a novice baker giving it her first shot.  My guess is you’ll have a practice cake.  So the practice cost you at least $40.  The real one is costing another $40.  You’ve already spent $80 and you’ve spent time learning how to do it, going and finding ingredients, figuring out where the heck to store it.  And you need to transport it to the wedding.  Hassle factor, bare minimum it’s a $50 hassle factor.  So you’ve spent $130 & fried your nerves.

If your skill set lies in publishing, text layout, writing, or plain craftiness, you could have been making invites or favors.  You would still have your brain, and probably come out a little cheaper in the end.

Know your limits.  When it’s time to hire a pro, then do it!  You can save your energy for areas that you excel in, and leave the tough stuff to the people who are already in that game.


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