Liquid Nitrogen and Party Drinks. Quite a Mixer

Log this into the interesting party idea vault. 

This link isn’t exactly the episode I watched today, but I wanted to give you a link to the show anyway.

Today’s epsiode was about adding liquid nitrogen to alchohol so it will freeze. 

They made gin ice cubes and then poured tonic over the top.  Instant super cold drink.  Seems like a crazy concept.  Hopefully, they will upload today’s episode so you all can watch. Way cool.  They even did tequilla shots that were “chewable.”  Basically frozen tequilla sitting on top of an upside down shot glass.  They used the liquid nitro to freeze some cilantro leaves for garnish. 

This is where you can buy it I guess in smaller containers.  Probably, and hopefully some safety tips…

Here are some safety considerations

I, personally, am scared of my gas grill, so this freaks me out.  But I bet would have a blast with this (hopefully not literally).


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