Color Your Party

 When it comes to cheap party ideas, one of the easiest and cheapest tricks using color to carry a theme or vibe.  Just like in gardening or home decor, colors can speak volumes.  If you have a lively get together planned, why not string red beads from your chandellier or place yellow lemmon heads in a clear glass with a red twizzler in the middle to look like a straw.  Scatter these cheap and cute cute cute elements throughout the room for instant cheap party pop.

  Some very cheap, but large focus objects are chinese lanterns.  But you can easily go way beyond that by searching some unexpected places.  I often use Jones Soda containers to hold tableware.  The packages are cute, and the bottles themselves, serve as both beverage and decoration.  Or drink the soda, and use the bottle to hold a gerbera daisy. 

Using color in unexpected ways.

Using color in unexpected ways.

¬† You see, it doesn’t take loads of money to create trendy or chic party decorations, just a little creativity, and the ability to see things through a bit of a different lens.

That’s another¬†post completely, I want to stick to color for now.

Another cheap party idea¬†¬†using color is good old fashioned spray paint.¬† It’s not always the cheapest, but usually semi accessible.¬† I’m sure you have your fair share of paint somewhere, even if it’s at mom’s or your brother’s house.¬† It’s lying around somewhere screaming, bring me to the party.¬† ¬†I’ve painted coffee cans, and even cans of beans (beans consumed and cans rinsed) instant container, instant impact, and possibly even FREE.¬† We love free.¬† You can do this to cheapo baskets you have lying around.¬† Or how about that stupid frame you dodge every time you go in the basement?¬† Paint the sucker lipstick red, can u say service tray?¬†

Start looking around your house now.¬†¬†¬†You get the drift, it’s all about color over and over for big impact.¬† Now go paint something.

Raid your old jewelry for a more girly affair.  hang some old red, yellow, or orange beads here and there.  Use ribbon, ribbon is cheap enough.  A lot of dollar stores are carrying ribbon.  You can use it as tiebacks, napkin rings, just pops of color throughout the room.  You can hang strands of it over curtain rods.  Use a length or two as table runner substitute.  Tie it around stemware.  BTW, a lot of dollar stores are carrying both stemware and ribbon.

Another little trick is to use gift bags, again, dollar store.  Whatever your color, line them up and fill with bright colorful tissue, you could even put a jar (could be an old spaghetti sauce jar- no one is going to see it) filled with water inside the bag and have some cut flowers poking their heads out.  Walmart and most grocery stores have floral departments now so no need to spend an arm and a leg.    Use smaller bags, so your flowers go farther.

¬† Oh, and candles, you can get them cheap and in just about every color.¬† You don’t even have to light them, tie them together with ribbon, or just put in some glass jars you have lying around.¬† Remember these don’t have to be purchased as decorative.¬† They can be rinsed out salsa jars.¬† Place some glass beads (dollar store) and a candle, tie your ribbon around.¬† You are good to go, and look like the funkiest, trendiest party host, and quite possibly didn’t spend a dime on decorations.¬†¬†¬†

You see, color can go along way in making your party stand out

Who knows what’s gonna pop in my crazy brain next, so come back and check it out.¬† You’ll probably be as suprised as I am.


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