All About Invitations

I really wanted to touch in this subject because it is one of my all time faves.  In this entry, I want to address the following: the importance of the invite, ways to word the invite, and how to construct the invite in a captivating way. People  usually either run out and buy the cheapie little invites at the store, or try out their new desktop publishing software to make their own, or last and worst of all pay mega bucks to have someone else make them.  I want to help you set the tone for your event that fits what your goals are for the party.

The importance of the invite.  Too often this is so overlooked.    The party invitation sets the stage.  If you have given little or no thought to the invite, it can communicate a “have to” feeling to your guests.  You want them to know that this party is going to be a great time, and they don’t want to miss it.  We’ll explore how to accomplish that later.  For now go back to your vision of what this party is about, the sights, the sounds, tastes and theme.  Then convey that in the invite.  Having a video game party?  Why not send your invites on CD?  Have a crazy kids record something on the like a disc jockey.  Or why not write directly on the CD with a sharpie, or for the truly crafty, make an “altered cd.”  I may need to construct one for fun and share on a vlog later.  We may need visual inspiration for that one.  But how fun!  Or send your invite in a box.  A scroll in a bottle.  Use your imagination and your theme to guide you.  Having a sushi party?  Why not send it in a take out box, or a fortune cookie constructed of felt (this was featured in a Martha Stewart magazine, the cookie, not the invite inside.  the possibilities are limitless.  But you want to convey that this party is going to be fun and interesting, and you’re excited about having your guests celebrate with you.

Invitation Wording:  One of my favorite  things to do is song parody.  I once had a Halloween party and used the song “Hotel California.”  I saw a website where someone had a haunted house they called “Hotel Killafornia.”  And it was born, I just used the lyrics to convey what guest could expect to experience when they came.  Yeah, that’s great for a Halloween Party, but I’m hosting a bachelorette party.  What about “Going to the Chapel” and inserting the names of the bride and groom.  The possibilities are endless. Use nursery rhymes for baby showers.  M

Here’s an idea on how to just take the usual time, date, yadda yadda, and kick it up a little.

What’s on Fire?  Just a bunch of s’mores and a few fireworks, to celebrate summer and life on the lake.

Join us at the lake cottage, and bring your suits for a smokin’ night by the firelight.

Where: At our cozy little cottage on bla bla lake at 123 Main, bla bla MI.

When ‘s it all goin’ down?   On Friday the 5th of July just before the sun settles down, and then we’ll heat up the rest of the night til it comes back up again. 

Who: It’s me Jen,  Holla back at 574-555-5555 so we can chat, and so I can have your beverage ready when you get here:)  Can’t wait to here from you.

This invite spells out the location and time without being boring.

Invitation Construction:  For the above invitation how cute would it be to buy those little flags you stick in your lawn or that kids play with, and just type everything out, printing on white paper, stick a few star stickers on and roll it up around the flagstick.  Then secure with ribbon.  Or what wrapping a box of sparklers with the invite…these will probably need to be hand delivered…no injured mailmen please.    All you really need to do is think about your vision for your party and then take a small element related to that and make it into an invite.  Usually this just amounts to somehow attaching the paper printout to the item. 

Or use awesome scrapbook papers and scissors.  The key to keeping this cheap is, no one said you had to use the whole sheet of paper. You can cut this into shapes relating to your theme, or just into 4 squares.  This way, you’re getting 4 invites out of one 25 cent sheet of paper.  Smear the edges with an inkpad to give them some more dimension, and a more personal feel.  Back with fabric, or punch a hole in the top, tie some ribbon through, and add a bead, or charm, or some chopsticks, or little cocktail umbrella.  How cute, and you didn’t have to spend a fortune, just a little brain power.

You can do this!


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