How many people should I invite to my party?

I remember the first time I had 100 people at my house.  I thought I was going to have to polish off a bottle of wine before they got there just to be able to deal with it all.  I didn’t.  All I could think of was, where we people gonna park?  What if someone got hurt?  Where was I going to hide the stuff I didn’t want everyone to have access to?  Who would watch over this and that?  Worry, worry, worry.  For nothing!

But what about the budget?  How do I figure my cost per guest?  Okay, now I am not talking yet about weddings, although you could apply some of these concepts depending on the type of wedding you are planning.  this particular entry is addressing other parties. 

Before considering cost per guest, just answer the simple question, who do I want to invite?  Who do I want to experience this occassion with me, and who will they bring with them?  Get a good count and then split that  into kids and adults.  Chances are, if you keep following my party tips, you’ll figure out a way to make it work, be it pot luck or barter, or having a garge sale to cover the cost.

There are some great party tools for finding out how much food to plan for each person.  My absolute favorite is   But remember, along with the food itself, utensils, plates, cups, napkins, table coverings, decorations, beverages and ice are all part of the plan too.  But, as you know, this is the Cheap Party Chick and I have cheap party ideas for every part of the event.  So, keep looking, and you will find help.  Or send me an email at and I will share some thoughts and direct you to my best sources for cheap party help.

But, what you should be doing right now is just figuring out who you wnat to be there.  This is all about community, sharing life, and having fun.  So don’t sweat your budget just yet.  Just get your number, and we’ll make it work.

After you accomplish this misson, come back and check the next blog and we’re gonna talk about where this shindig is gonna happen.


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