Guest List Pt.1 or a Bag of Mixed Nuts is Better than a Handful of Cashews

The old adage opposites attract certainly applies when compiling a guest list.  I’ve lead quite a colorful life, and along the way, I have met some great characters.  Ah, characters, the perfect word, in a sense party planning is like putting on a production.  The guests are your players.  Any great movie, or life for that matter, is sprinkled with a variety of personalities.  How boring to have a sinister plot with no villain, or a comedy without the comedian? 

I used to be afraid of allowing “worlds to collide” as George Costanza from Seinfeld so aptly said.  You know what I am talking about.  Huh!  We can’t have the church ladies over with the crazy uncle…God love him.  What if your co-workers meet your funky friends?  You know what?  They would probably all have a great time.  Part of the fun is figuring people out…the mystery.   It doesn’t really feel like a party when you put that cool outfit on just to show it off to the same people you’ll see tomorrow.  The interplay keeps things interesting.  It’s fun to watch people blossom when their extrovert is brought out by the party animal, or to watch the chatterbox be tamed by the wise student of life. 

I am not suggesting, by any means, you try to invoke a brawl by inviting someones ex, or the guy who stole the neighbor’s mower.  The goal is not to create a mangled mess of mayhem.  We’re wanting a nice mix of people who will bring out the best in everyone, not send them screaming for the hills.

Will people get annoyed at each other?  You bet, and so goes life.  But you and your guests are there for a good time, and just understand that some people will complain if the gold you guild their croutons with isn’t shiny enough.  Their problem…not yours.  So focus on the other 99% of whom are enjoying themselves because you wanted to share this occasion with them.  Hmm.  Kind of a good practice for everyday life.

Up next…the numbers.  One hundred people in my 1600 sf ranch?  Are you crazy?


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